"I borrowed a ring off a friend of mine ..."


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Jul 8, 2008

Dear TJC, please change your promo for the personal shopper service. This one was particularly annoying when you first ran it ... and it's even more so now!!!

As if somebody wouldn't notice that a ring they got back from their friend was not the same one they borrowed.

I know it's a really insignificant thing, but that one really gets on my nerves.
I agree Marble, stupid promo.

I wouldn't loan anyone a piece of my jewellery anyway.
Very moronic piece of promo I agree. :rolleyes: It makes me want to lob something at the screen. :HUMP: And that stupid Ahaaa noise at the end.........:HUMP: I'd lend her a bunch of fives. :muscle: :pPC:
So glad I'm not the only one!

It used to bug me, but now I find it really, really, really irritates me!

Yup ... that "ha ha" bit is irksome
Sorry, but this just popped in to my head-I know a promo that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves! :confused2:

Specially hate the bit where she says "made a bit of a boo"! And the Ahaaa bit as well-I'll be right behind you PPC with another bunch of fives for her :taphead:!
Really? They STILL use this ad??? I've been fortunate and not seen it lately but that is prob due to my short little bursts in viewing. Agree.....get rid!!! :angry:
both ads are laughable

I got in touch with the shopper service, asked for 1 ct of diamonds in a white gold ring and if style permitted, a bit of tanzanite, not essential, the diamonds and white gold were ... got back 2 pics (prices straight from their site) 1 with 1/4 ct of diamonds, 1 with 1/2 ct (both had tanzanite) so said thanks but no thanks ... was looking for diamonds and white gold ... got back 1 design ... YELLOW GOLD!

the one with the guy and the engagement ring too, hubby heard it and the first thing he said was ... so TJC do 'good stuff' then ....

these ads both say they get back to you with what you are looking for ... the 'perfect match' both of the wee adds need redoing if you ask me ...
The girl in the ad cannot be that much of a friend! I mean how do you loose it off the end of Brighton Pier in the first place? its enough to make your mind boggle! lol and its the stupid Ha Ha she puts at the end, when she thinks she is going to get a loan of her pal's earrings! Who lends their earrings out? And I am pretty sure if I was stupid enough to loan my ring out, and my pal to bring it back, I think I would notice it wasnt the right ring - that is of course unless she had already purchased the ring from TJC - its one of those ads that you think - NAH wouldnt happen in real life like that! plus it gets on my wick too and the bloke and his engagement ring - would it really happen like that? lol - probably not. x
:lol: Have to agree, no friend of mine would ask to borrow any of my expensive jewellery, let alone be so careless with it. While we're at it TJC, she borrowed if FROM her friend not OFF her friend!!!!!!

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