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Had a delivery today and as it's my first day back at work after 3 weeks my head's in bits and I can't make a decision. So, I'm passing it over to you! What should stay and what should go?

Amber 3 colour silver pendant £6 - about 2" long. Nice detailing to rear of pendant (forgot to take a photo - sorry!).

Amber 3 colour silver bracelet £7 (I think).

Rhodolite garnet silver necklace £12 - Nearly 15g of silver so much heavier than it looks. Rhodolites are quite dark.

Lastly Kunzite ring £147. I've taken loads of photos so you can get a really good look. Negatives are (1) Kunzite is very very very pale (2) Diamonds in the shank are disgusting - white, milky with no sparkle (3) shank is very slightly wonky at the back but not a problem. On the positive side (1) the Kunzite is very sparkly (2) I love the design (even though it's odd and not to most people's taste) but at least it's not like something I've already got! (3) It's incredibly heavy with nearly 10g of 9ct gold (4) surprisingly comfy to wear.






Honest opinions please!
The first necklace is nice. The garnet (?) is also nice.

The rest is nothing special imo, and not worth bothering with

(sorry if that's too honest!)

also the ring is rather horrible! very risen and over priced imo
You wanted honest!

Amber are keepers IMO, giveaway prices and pretty with the mix of colours.

Not so keen on the rhodolite, not sure you'd be able to get it to sit well.

Now then, the kunzite. I'm ashamed to admit that it's been backwards and forwards to Basket Manor on more than the odd occasion. I just couldn't decide. On reflection I think it's unusual design and gold weight would suggest you keep it. Pale though it is, it still sparkles like billy-oh and sits very nicely on your hand. The resizing issue was the ultimate clincher with me returning it in the end. I would say keep it.

Mwah! :D
To be honest if it were me I would send the ring back.

The rest is gorgeous.
Hiya Meesh. Love the first pendant, really nice. Pass on the bracelet, doesn't do anything for me. Like the necklace design but not the stone. As for the ring :33: too pale for my liking but I love the cut. I do think it's overpriced too.
Not keen on eiher of the amber pieces Meesh but that's not surprising as I just don't like amber!! The garnet cabochon necklace doesn't do it for me either but the only non sparkly gems I like are opals, so a bit too biased against to be really objective. Now the design of the ring I do like but I can see from the 4th & 5th pics that the diamonds really are awful and that would put me right off....I'd rather pay 3 times as much and get some better stones because I just couldn't live with those I'm afraid. The fact that you've asked for opinions is a bad sign as you know your gems and you know what you like so if you're in that much doubt I'd say send them back home. :pPC:
Totally honest from the heart answer? Keep the silver pieces and send back the Kunzite ( i know, shocking for me to say that) i'm sure you will find something much nicer and better colour wise.
Quite like the pendant depending on what you have to wear with it, really like the bracelet, but am not a lover of the other pieces at all.
this is not going to help...........

send back the silver
keep the kunzite

A ring like that in the West End stores would cost a small fortune, the design is so different and the gold weight is excellent. I love it & wish I'd bought it when prices were lower.
I bought the amber pendant as part of a Christmas present for a friend and almost kept it for myself so I obviously like it and it makes a nice set with the bracelet so I would keep them both.

I'm not sure about the rhodolite necklace .. depends on how well it sits on the neckline.

The Kunzite ring but looks nice on your finger but could you live with milky diamonds?
I like the amber pendant and the bracelet and the prices are excellent. Not too sure about the rhodolite - I had a similar design and sent it back because it didn't lie straight, couldn't be doing with it, so if it was me, I would get rid.

Now the ring , when I fist saw that design, I hated it and the picture on the website didn't do it any favours but it has grown on me. Positive - good amount of gold and the kunzite is sparkly, a fair size and does look good on your finger , negatives - the diamonds are poor and the kunzite is very pale. I don't think the stones are up to the standard of your other rings you have shown us. If it was me, I would send it home.
Love the amber pieces, so I'd keep them. The rhodolite is ok, but if you're not sure send it back - I'm sure I'm not the only one on here who has pieces that we'll never wear in the jewellery box.

I love the shape and style of the kunzite but just don't do pink stones and if the diamonds aren't up to scratch you'll never be happy with it. I'd love to see that ring in another stone.
I'd say, keep the everything except the Kunzite ring.
I'm not to keen on the design but I also think that the diamonds look awful plus it's over priced. :p
Hope this helps ;) xx
Seriously though, when you take postage into account, those amber pieces are market stall like, you can find that stuff anywhere. Nice, but not nice enough to put yourself out.

send the lot back!
hope you don't mind me having my twopenneth!! Love the amber - I have the bracelet and an amber necklace - altho not that one. I'd like to see the rhodolite on - I think I like it but not sure! Ring does sit really well on your finger but it's a lot of dosh - is there something else you'd like more for your money - that's the way I look at things.

Also, I think the cheaper things, if you're not sure, make really good standby pressies, rather than going to the expense of sending them back.

I thank you!!
Hi Meesh

You wanted honest?

The first two are real cheapies and though I'm not really struck on either, but it would probably cost more to return them if they are in large heavy boxes. The necklace I'm not keen on either, I'm so used to seeing you in very beautiful top quality pieces, these fall way below.

The Kunzite has some appeal if its sparkly and has lots of rose? gold weight, but as you have said before,
the critical question is ....'will you wear it'? Of that I'm not sure - wonky shank, milky diamonds, pale stone.........nah!
I'm not sure you will! But if its not the last in stock, can CS find you a better one of these? Was it a big carat weight?

Not sure any of that helped....but at least you got 'honest' mysmilie_1556

S xx
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