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Oct 21, 2008
I work at Rocks&Co. and from now on I'll be here to answer any of your queries and questions... please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I'm here to help :1:
:Hiya: Rocks&Co Helper

R&C helper

Will you be around at weekends if we need to contact/speak to someone then?
Sorry to sound negative, but how do we know you are from Rocks & Co?

We have had members in the past posing as customer service managers, so it we good to know you are 'the real deal'. :33:
I'm the real deal!

Hello all, I can assure you I do work at Rocks & Co.
(and my colleagues are laughing at me for being questioned)

I’m not sure how I can prove it to you... but you’ll just have to have a little faith and I’ll keep answering your questions as well and as quickly as I can for you. ;)
I must admit that exactly the same thing crossed my mind Miss K. Perhaps if ARA were to confirm that rocks&co helper is the real deal, we'll be reassured that all is above board.

Hi Sacha,

I work in the Central office as opposed to Customer Services (0845 194 9726) I am here Monday to Friday 9 -6 and though I do need the occasional day off I will try and respond as quickly as possible outside those hours.
Sadly ARA is no longer with us at Rocks & Co :17:
as a result I've taken over fielding questions and queries for you, and i hope i can do as good a job...
A big welcome from me too,may i ask if this is something you are doing because you want to help or is it sanctioned by management ?
Management asked me to sign up and help out, just because they want to help and keep in touch with the people in the know -your feedback is very important to us and helps us do a better job for you!
But i'm happy to do it :1: it's fun chatting to you all
Pendant boxes?

Sadly ARA is no longer with us at Rocks & Co :17:
as a result I've taken over fielding questions and queries for you, and i hope i can do as good a job...

Good grief that was very recent, I had an email from him on Monday!

That's a shame as he sounded very promising and had a good sense of humour as well, which is always very welcome on here.

So, Miss/Mrs Helper, I have a question for you........

I had 3 pendants delivered this week ( they have yet to have a public outing) and they were packaged in a small ring box
and 2 small earring boxes. All squashed up in the plastic bags which had to overlap the sides of the boxes.

If intended as gifts, and one of them is, I now have to fiind a replacement pendant box.......luckily I have just one or two already :ANYWORD:

Do you not have proper pendant boxes, or was this an error?

Btw, the earring box was so small it was suitable for a pair of studs only. Long danglies would never have fitted in!! :mysmilie_738.gif:
box shock!

Sounds like someone just placed the product in the wrong box :8:
I'm so sorry about that, and glad you had standby boxes to do the job!

My boss has just contacted the Product Manager to ensure that this sort of slip up doesn't happen again.
Hello Sacha,

I've spoken to the Product Manager.

I can assure you that the plastic bag is supposed too overlap the box; this is for health and safety and so you can see that the seal of the bag has not been tampered with when you receive your jewellery.

Several of our boxes are designed for both earrings and pendants, which might account for the mistake, as it sounds like in this incidence your pendants were accidentally placed in boxes not intended for them.

We are truly sorry.
Thanks for your replies R&C helper, I hope this problem will be addressed, meanwhile I still have to search out another box so that the pendant can lie properly. Also, I did look on the website but I didn't see any chains for sale?
cant say i have ever heard of packaging having to be outside of boxes for health and safety reasons ,if i was giving a gift i would like the item to be properly presented and not with bits hanging out, plus part of the price you pay includes packaging and really yo shouldnt have to find extra to put them in onlyif you want to not because you have to...odd
Hi R&CH and
to the forum.

I hope you are a genuine member of staff as TBH I share Miss Kitty and Jacqualina's doubts due to past experience with former posters claiming to be 'insiders' when nothing of the kind and once bitten and all that.......:blush:

So, giving you the benefit of the doubt, may I ask if you can you find out from the powers-that-be, if, and when, R&C will be coming to cable in the foreseeable future please? :thanks:

The live stream is very temperamental (as well as distorting the shape of pieces on my computer, all ovals look round :rolleyes: ) and sometimes lags behind by as much as a whole game! :grrr:

It would be great if we could track orders on the web even if we have done them by phone.

Oh and can we search by item numbers too please? It's very helpful to bring up items if we have the number but they are no longer on the web or the auction has finished.

Sorry for so many questions, but frankly they mean the difference between becoming a regular buyer or not.
Hi Lynda,

Thanks for your questions, I'll get back to you as soon as you know...

And Sacha, I thought you had a box that'd do the trick but let me look into finding you a bigger one...

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