Helen the Van Dal shoes lady


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Aleksandr Orlov

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Jun 25, 2008
Get her on as a QVC presenter! she is fab and showing Anne Dawson how a presenters job should be done. She is entertaining but as the same time she is selling the product in a fun way and making you tune in and actually want to buy (not that I have) but not the boring hard sell of the current presters. She is hilarious and Anne has been crying with laughter. If she was on all the time I would much rather watch her than the usual lot !
She's an absolute star, so funny and yet knowledgeable - bonkers barmy to boot :) she's been a great addition to QVC.
I like her too, thought she was great the first time I saw her on air - very informative & knowledgeable as well as witty & amusing & comes across as very intelligent I think! :up2:
I think she's bliddy brilliant as well! She's got me sat here gripped to Van Dal shoes for a start - and that takes some doing lemme tell ya! :D
I've never actually seen her before I was channel hopping and now i'm glued to her, usually if AD is on I would switch off immediately!
she reminds me of ann widecombe. I think she's brilliant, haven't stopped laughing since she came on what a great guest!!
i'll join the campaign:clapping::clapping::clapping: It's a long time since i've enjoyed a show this much
I laughed SO much when she said she hates caudelia the model for looking so good and Anne said she doesn't mean it and then she said 'yes I do' LOL
She's a hoot - only switched on for last 15mins never seen her before and she's great, sadly I missed the bit where Ann D was unable to speak for a good while but so saying she's just done a bit with shoulder pads and I can't gtype asdfoasijwlela'sdf;as'dflasdf laughing!
OMG she is fab, I've just seen the shoulder pads bit, so funny. QVC would never have her as a presenter as no one would be able to order for laughing. I would watch all day if she was on, by the way didn't Glen look a prat!
I have to say that the shoe range is not for me but I had it on in the background and then started watching properly because she seemed so funny - I'm feeling awful - full of cold and sneezing everywhere but she really cheered me up this morning! Was impressed that they have their factory in Norfolk therefore providing jobs in this county - shows integrity of the company. They'd need to be a bit more youthful in style for me though!
just echo what you all say, flipped over to QVC and was entranced by her, so natural, confident and amusing.
I also caught her first show with Julia she had her laughing too and she was talking to her about doing panto in Nottinghamshire.
I think they talked about her being on the radio in Nottingham too.


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