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Emma 1

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Jul 8, 2008
I recently purchased some hannas candles, but unfortunately don't like the smell. I am going to send them back but most of my family tell me I can't as I have burnt them for about an hour. Does anyone know what the policy is for returning things if you have used them. I really like hannas candles but just not these fragances. I purchase some last Christmas and they were lovely.
i'd never send any of my kaftans back Sara....that would be sacrilage. :eek:

Sometimes i pass them on to Mommabear ( like when they go bobbly...)
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You can return them absolutely but you won't get your P&P refunded for them sending or you returning them. Be careful which postage option you choose, it could cost a lot to return them and make sure you get proof of postage just in case :)
Hi Emma1, I think you can return the item as long as you have original packaging and its within the 30 day timescale. You should try Yankee Candles!:)
Thanks everyone packed up and away. Parcelnet delivered it so courier collected it and didn't pay any postage to send it back. By the way I do buy Yankie Candles and love them but also love Hanna's but just not these ones. They were very floral, e.g. rose, gardenia. My daughter came in when I was burning them and said the room smelt like something a granny would have.

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