Halogen oven instrucions


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Jun 24, 2008
I have eventually opened up my oven and I am amazed to find that there is not a single piece of paper included. No instructions,guarantee details,hints and tips nothing..zilch.
Did anyone get anything with theirs????
I thought mine was "paperless"too but eventually found an instruction leaflet with a few recipes sandwiched between the baking and steaming trays .Have you looked there?Used it today to make an apple crumble.Worked fine,but it's noisy.
Thanks chicken- licken I looked and there it was. I had just assumed the two trays were meant to be together so I hadnt seperated them.
Mine was very noisey too but found it went quiet when I made sure the part for lifting the lid higher for the extender ring was pushed right down.
Hope that helps.

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