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Emma 1

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Jul 8, 2008
Did anyone see the hairbrushes on last night. There were 2 round ones, 2 clips and a styling gel. Was wondering if you think they are good value and if they are good brushes. Think about £28 + postage.

Oh I saw these, I was interested in the round and paddle brush. I can not get body into my very straight hair and thought they looked good.

Sorry I can not tell you anything about the brushes but I too would like to hear what others had thought.

Go to for more info.
A couple of years ago, Alison Young used to rave about the Aveda paddle brush, and used to produce her own personal one on screen and give her hair a quick brushing! Obviously they've now moved away from Aveda products (maybe the odd one) so their hairbrush has been forgotten!
On a Philip Kingsley show Alison said that their were only two brushes that she loved. One of them we all know as Aveda & the other one is the Philip Kingsley paddle brush apparently. Just thought I'd mention it...

I was never as impressed with Aveda as she was though. The natural oils on my hands ate through the varnish on it making it look very disreputable & now it's developed a crack in it between handle & brush so I can't just hold it by the handle to brush my hair any more. Not what you'd expect from such an expensive brush... The MOP paddle brushes were always better in my opinion, not just because they were sturdier & cheaper, but because they do a far better job of grooming my masses of long fine hair. The standard one was great, but the one with blue tourmaline coated bristles was the ultimate. Sounds like a gimmick, but it isn't. I still have my other paddle brushes, but that's the one that sits on my dressing table. :)

Not sure if that's helpful or not... Just thought I'd share my QVC paddle brush knowledge! :D
I bought a large round brush - and i mean large the same as the biggest kit available from the big brush company - direct from MOPMIKE and he charged me £9 plus a small p&p charge!! the brush was tourmaline coated etc, so how can QVC justify £28+ for these brushes. Linda
if you buy one make sure you check it for other peoples hair. it may have been returned


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