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I've just lost 2 items from my basket - one of which I REALLY wanted because of the 24 hour rule.

I can't tell you how many items I've lost because I haven't got to my basket in time. To maximise postage I prefer to keep items in my basket for as long as possible (as I suspect many people do) and therefore holding the basket open for 48 hours would be incredibly helpful. 24 hours just isn't long enough - especially at the weekend.

I do understand the commercial decision for wanting to keep to the 24 hours BUT I would think it's also losing sales.

Since Rocks and Co are changing their systems, would it be possible please to think about this also?
Snap! Me too Meeshoo - it's so frustrating not to say disappointing. I'm gutted at a few of the pieces I've lost. One even disappeared as I was checking out because I went by the wrong clock!
Meesh that would be great and I do hope they take your suggestion on board. I too have lost items 'cos I can't get the damn 'puter to play ball and load on time or real life gets in the way, so much so that I'm beginning to wonder if there are forces at work trying to stop me spending! The annoying thing for me is the basket at the top of the screen saying I have an item (or two :blush: ) in there when actually I don't as it's gawn :gasp:

I'd also like the website to keep me logged in instead of having to do it every time as I have also lost pieces when I've just gone for a quick look-see and only had seconds to spare and stupidly tried to buy, only to find I'm not logged in - although curiously it does remember I have things in my basket as there's a number up there, so it sort-of knows me even though I'm not logged in, if that makes sense.

I am still logged on at another website ready to buy at a seconds notice although I haven't bought anything there for ages :sorry:
Completely agree with you as well Meesh. I've emailed Gavin about this and I can understand his reasons to an extent, but 24 hours is too short, especially when you have tried and trusted customers, which I'd like to think we are. I lost a lovely zultanite ring and other items I can't even remember because of this stupid check out rule.
I know all the system is changing and we should see improvements in the New Year, but I have a feeling they will be sticking with this one. It is my biggest bugbear with them (once IT issues are resolved) and I feel very strongly about it. I've got three orders coming this week, that means three times p&p and three times having to be in for the courier. Grrrrrrr indeed! :12:
Jaqualina, you may be right in that they intend to stick to this rule and TBH I do see their point so if that turns out to be the case, can I suggest a compromise?

Allow us to add to web orders already checked out up to the time of dispatch.

Now I appreciate this can't be done until the new system is in place, but if we know this will be a permanent working feature in the near future, it might stop us (well me anyway) picking up our ball and going home in a huff!
Yes Lynda, I agree with you. That was one of my requests in a long email to Gavin a few weeks ago. He replied saying that many of my suggestions were already being considered/implemented in the new system, but gave no details as to which ones they were. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. Still hate the rule though. I've got a basket I must remember to check out tomorrow morning before I rush off to have my car MOT'd or I'll lose the items. Mind you, that might not be such a bad thing, my car's failed its MOT for the past two years!
Lynda I think that's a great idea BUT it would mean that you'd have to be able to see ALL orders in the account history and at the moment you can only see web orders. Also, we'd need to be able to see despatch dates and that's not something that can be seen at all at the mo. I love the idea though.

Jacqualina - I think you're right and this isn't something that will change. I fully understand the economic reasons but I can also see that it's losing business. Just look how many of us have lost items. You have to be really disciplined to remember to check out on time (I'm not)!

Gav - any chance of this changing? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with gems on?

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