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I know! JF actually asked the guest 'Why porcelain?' & all she could come up with was something vague along the lines of 'Well, we've had glass ones........!' So no reason at all then, apart from just because you can make them out of porcelain.......? :rolleyes:
Okay folks, what do you think is the best, glass or crystal, (really don't fancy porcelain). I need a new file, have been using the old emery boards for years and have decided to splash out (not too much though).
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Whilst we're talking nail files.... I have two Nails Inc. ones & one OPI, all glass. I think the OPI gives a better edge than the Nails Inc., but the real question is should I invest in the Leighton Denny crystal one? (I keep hoping he'll pop it in a TSV, but no luck yet!)
I've got a crystal one from Leighton Denny and I love it. Never used a glass one so have nothing to compare it to but saying you have a crystal nail file sound better!! How shallow am I?!
I have had both the nails inc ones and the OPI ones. The nails inc ones were better IMHO but more expensive so I just buy the OPI ones off ebay!!! Have a habit of dropping them and breaking them!!!
I have a glass one from Nails Inc and am more than happy with that one, especially since it has 'show me the moet' engraved on it! Well, everyone's entitled to be a bit shallow from time to time, aren't they?

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