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Hi Gentlefolk, so pleased to have found you, desperate for a rant. Am severely browned off with Gems, mainly due to the hysterical presenting styles. I can no longer bear Adina's ghastly squeeling of just a few phrases over and over again, or Fiona shouting like a fishwife of the night selling saucepans out of the back of a lorry. What's all this "my lovely" rubbish. This sort of patronising I can only take from medics and carers who are trying to reassure me. To cap it all Craig was very rude to me personally, a couple of weeks back and it has been festering. He named myself, another and a new buyer as we were holding on the line for the price to drop, and said that if we didnt like the price we should hang up now. Doubly galling as I was trying to bid at the time - am severely disabled and have a tremor which makes everything slow and clumsy. Talk about embarrassed, I felt like some kind of freeloader although they have had thousands out of me over less than two years. Intended to write to him but decided this would be pointless. Imagine going to a shop, especially somewhere like a jeweller, and they spoke to us like this mob of muppets do.

Phwaw that's better - rant over - I've just been having a lovely evening at RocksTV thanks to you guys mentioning it on here. Lots of fun and some very fast auctions as well as slower and forewarned ones. Ver much like Gems a couple of years ago. I made two successful bids and would have liked to do more, but on the fast ones I could not get my bid typed in fast enough. Is there anyone here in a similar position who maybe has some bidding advice they wouldn't mind sharing with me.

I sat up until 2.30 last night reading all your messages on this site - so pleased I'm not alone with my feelings towards Gems, I was beginning to wonder if it was me turning sour. I was surprised that a TV channel could get under my skin to such an extent. Probably because most other presenters are smashers and I like the jewellery so much.

You sound such a jolly bunch - would love to hear any thoughts you may have on my predicament. Normally my carer would make the bids for me but he's not here in the evening.

Whatever - it looks like byebye to the "extrawdinairy, look at that, twit twoo"
twit, and the "ooh you lovely gent" lady of the night - surely Rod can't be her minder (the correct word would probaby get me thrown off before I've even started) he seems such a gentle sweetheart.

All the best from Argeybargey (my childhood nickname from Margie - Marjorie).
:1: Hi Argeybargey...and a BIG welcome to the (mad house!) forum ha ha lol
I read your post with i too am disabled but not so much as that
I cannot place my bids on spur of moment.

I think you may do well to go to the catalogue during the day argey and place
an auto bid of how much you are willing to pay for the item that interests you
then sit back and watch later on to see the auction...hope this makes sense....
If not I'm sure someone else will come along with some more helpfull tips for you.

Welcome once again.
Mirabelle here @ St.Com...and also Mirabelle @ :40:

Can I just say that I'm sorry you felt the comment on-air was directed at you and that you took offence. I can't speak for other presenters or Gems TV, but please understand that all of you wonderful people who do snatch come up as names on a screen. We remember some, but can't see behind the information as to what your circumstances might be. Please understand that we are live and unscripted. Even having disabled parents and being ultra-aware of the broad nature of our audience, I have gaffed on several occasions and phrased things wrongly on-the-hoof (or is it off-the-hoof!). I hope that we're all still friends at the end of the day though.

Just thought I'd say that from a presenters' point of view - respect your opinions but never take what we say personally at all, we're all in this together :)

Derek :1:
hello argey and welcome!

while i do agree that some of the lines used and the presenting styles of some of the presenters can be irritating, i would never think that any of the presenters would personally try to embarrass you (disabled or not) nor do i think that craig was being rude to you. we all want the best price and hang on for the best price (well i know that i do anyway). i have been told a few times that 'it aint gonna get any better' i didnt feel insulted or that i was freeloader... i felt like a bargain hunter lol and i either let the item go if i thought it still too expensive or i bought it.

i am sure that craig would be mortified to think he had offended you. as derek has already said things can be taken out of context or feelings hurt when there wasnt any malice intended.

good luck with the high speed chat on rocks, playing catch up with the chat there did my head in lol
Hi argeybargey and welcome. I just wanted to say I loved your post, humour is always welcome on the forum and if I can suggest you cough up the small donation required to galn VIP status, you can find more comedians in the VIP area.

I shall comment on the points raised later as I'm just off to buy my disabled Mum a new wheelchair. :D
Hi Mirabelle and Derek - Thank you both so much for responding.

Mirabelle - thanks for your idea which I will follow, but trouble is when items haven't been catalogued earlier. I don't know if last night is the norm, but there were a lot of extra items and sod's law legislated that I should like these the best, though I did fail to mention that I managed two successul bids. I may get better when I have watched more. My tremor can be
helped a lot by a good dose of primidone, but given its addictive nature I'm inclined to save it for visitors and going out, etc. Perhaps I could treat myself to a "trip" once a week or so especially for watching Rocks :33:.

Derek - How sweet of you to keep an eye on us. Of course I would say this, but nevertheless you are one of my favourites. I remember how nervous you were when you started and will never forget the Christmas bauble saga. You seem so much more confident now, and I very much hope that you are secure and happy in your job. Regarding the Craig attack - unfortunately attack it was. I have developed a very thick skin, but this was indeed a most unpleasant experience as "if you don't like the price then you may as well hang up" was most definitely aimed at we three on the line, and there was the accompanying tone of voice which cannot be expressed in a written description. However, I do appreciate your loyalty to your colleague. Please pass my very best to Lynn and Derek for their marriage (I get the feeling that they are two of life's gentle people).

I also very much enjoy Angeline and her stories of Edward and her apparently very deep friendship with Lynn. Having to live part of my life vicariously through others, it was this type of presenting that kept me watching. I now feel you are are all under pressure and stress (for whatever reason) and having held a job for many years that was very stressful and, downright unpleasant towards the end, I find this quite painful and sad to watch. The powers that be might like to note that one. Stressed people cannot perform well.

Once again, thank you both so much for bothering to respond to a paw owld crippall loidy. (I'll be selling matches yet - but covered from head to tail in all my gem encrusted finery - lol).
Many thanks to Borednow and Basketcase.

Borednow - gosh yes that speed chat's all a bit frenetic. I don't think I could have kept up even before I got wobbly.

Basketcase - see you later.

:welcome: Argey, so glad you managed to find us! I was a frequent buyer from Gems until things started to change, I'm not sure whether that's because it was such an innovative concept when it started, and the fabulous prices enabled me to indulge my passion for sparkly gems, or just whether it lost it's appeal due to the factors that we've been discussing for several months now.

Please try not to get too upset about Craig's comments, I personally can't stand him as a presenter:laugh:, but that's just me!!!!

Glad you've also found RocksTV, I think the buzz and excitement that it has generated is what got the adrenalin flowing in the early Gems days.

Mirabelles advice about pre-bidding is spot on if you having difficulty with last minute bidding, I missed out on a lovely necklace last night because I was too slow, but hey ho, that's all part of the fun.

Lacking in any kind of imagination, I'm Mad4Gems on their too, so I'll probably see you about.
Hi argeygbargey and a very warm welcome from me too:1:

I was never the biggest buyer from Gems,but that was more due to size of pocket than the channel itself,however I too have not been watching them very much of recent times.This timed game business is not my thing really,I don't feel that we as customers are in control of the price anymore which was the raison d'etre of Gems in the first place!

I used to watch Gems even if I wasn't buying just for the fun of it and I have to say that the fun just is not there anymore.......sad to say.There are always gonna be presenters we like and ones we don't,and I, like you,have Derek as one of my faves......along with Scott,Lynn,Matt and Rod......and it says a lot about Derek that he should come on here to personally reply to you post....probably because he came to TV not by the usual channels(acting etc) he truly understands more than the others what it is like to be a customer........good on ya,Derek:35:

Now,as to Mirabelle has said I think it would be best for you to place an autobid,ie the maximum amount you want to still may not win but at least you are in control that way.

As for the extra auctions.........what I do is keep a pen and paper at the side of me because although I may not be looking to bid on that day,I like to make a note of the item code of things I like.What you can then do is make a request for the item you like to be auctioned another day,you can do this on the night via email [email protected] is on customer service that night will endeavour to get the item you want in an auction.Sometimes the item is not available,it may be in the vault,but they will let you know when it will be shown if you ask them to in the email you send.

What I will also say is do not worry too much if you miss an item through not being able to bid quickly enough,the item will be auctioned again at some point usually during the following 5 days or so.......if an item is the last that they have they will say so,some pieces are more limited than others.....again if you scroll down the page you will see the details of the item,how many were made,item codes's all there for you.:1:

I hope this helps a bit.......sorry for going on a bit:11:

Chat in Rocks can be a bit frenetic at times,even I miss some things and I am a chat will be nice if you say 'hi' but don't worry if your posts take time to can also be handy if you want to ask a question....we are all there to help each other and most of all have fun and buy ourselves some bling!!:59:

Is your name argeybargey on Rocks?

I will look out for you tonight........and good luck with bidding.:1:

BTW....I am sweetpea on rocks as well as here.
:1: Hi Derky (Derek)

Thanks for coming to argeybargey's aid, that was very kind and sweet of you!

Just my two penny worth on the subject... I think Craig doesn't realise how near the knuckle he can be sometimes.... with his comments and little quips...I'm sure he would be devastated to know he has upset folk by his stupidity...which he finds funny!.

"So come on Craig"... either on (air or on here at St.Com)....don't let Argeybargey down...Where's your apology"!!!!!
and Craig!...try to be more careful yeh! we know you try to entertain...but not this way!
stay as :cool: as you always are and be good.

Great to see you on here Derky!! (Derek) :D

Mirabelle xx :40:
from me also Argeybargey....I'm sure that'll soon be shortened to AB. :D

So sorry to hear that you were upset recently by the presenter's comment whilst you were trying to put in a bona fide bid.

I made a point on an earlier thread that these rushed timed games where the price drops to its final point in the dying seconds of the not at all helpful or even fair on the folks who really need a bit more time in which to place a bid. We're not all able to start dialling and pushing buttons or getting on the website and clicking 'buy now' in less than 30 seconds and Gems TV and their presenters shouldn't assume we are. I personally have missed out on several bids because I simply haven't been quick enough to get on the web, often times the start of a game can be missed then one's really under pressure to make a successful bid.

I'm really not convinced they are obliged to have timed games in order to comply with recent's more likely that this method of selling helps them to control the final price.....rather than have it controlled by the bidders.

And good luck with any further bids you make on RockTV Argeybargey. If I see you on there, I 'll say hiya AB.....I'm Sapphire on there btw.
Hi Argey, welcome to the madhouse, please keep us informed as to what you buy, we are a nosey bunch:1:
I think Craig doesnt always realise how what he says can come across at times, ive had many a moment when he's been on air and ive cringed at how close to the knuckle he can be, although he does also make me laugh and im sure he would be shocked to have upset a loyal customer but anyways, welcome to rocks, i have spent so much money on there since it opened my delivery driver waves to me if he sees me out and about in the street!!!
Derky, you're a gent:21:

Take care ARGEY, see you on rocks tonight:33:
btw im rebeccab here and on rocks:54:
Hi y'all,

Thought you'd like to know that Katherine at Rocks has very kindly e-mailed me and we had a very helpful conversation. I'll be there tonight - riveted - but will have to watch myself as one of the things I liked so much about Gems was its easy going shopping basket and choice of delivery dates. Katherine's going to try out a request for me so I'm going to treat myself to an anti-wobble pill, which could make me a bit slap happy and feeling rich.:52:

Important Bit Before this thread turns into Chinese whispers I must just make it clear that Craig could not have known that I am disabledhe was simply being rude to three customers/potential customers.

However this does not excuse him as he should remember that there are many reasons for being on the phone but not actually confirming. The main one being that they're always telling us to do this anyway. I do though think you're all very sweet to suggest he did not mean offence or that I had misunderstood. In fact, at the time, I received three phone calls from friends who had seen the event and had called to say how sorry they were to witness it. Ironically, all three had been receommeded to Gems by me, but have now drawn away from it. I don't think the presenters always realise how powerful they are with regard to viewer numbers.

I'm not just new to Shoppingtelly, but the whole forum thing. Last night was the first time I've ever been tempted into a forum. I don't even do texts on my phone. Thank you all so much - I've been quite overwhelmed by the response from both professionals and gemaholics alike.

Mad4Gems - Glad such antipathy towards Craig isn't just mine. I have to confess that although I had not previously actively disliked him, he was never a favourite. At least that means he could only embarrass me and not hurt me as well.

Sweetpea - Yes I'm sure the timing is about price control rather than any regulations, and I don't know why they don't just say that. I for one don't hold this against them as I understand they are there to make a profit and not as friends, but when you are straight up you can usually manage both.

Sacha- Loved your welcoms graphics - really made me laugh which is actually what I do more of than all this moaning, but as things were festering I just had to get them off my chest before such a small thing really, took too major a role.

Julie - I'm responding to you separately just as soon as I gain control of the ins and outs of this site. Thank you so much.

Rebeccab - I have a similar relationship with my delivery guy, always a sure sign that you're spending too much.

Many thanks to you all, I'm so glad I made the effort to "put pen to paper" last night.

Hi Argeybargey,

My sincerest apologies that my comments offended you. Let me assure that in in no way, shape or form did I intentionally mean my words to cause upset.

Sometimes during a timed game we will reach a price that is way past expectations and with only moments left, looks like it will end there. Although I cannot be sure of the exact circumstance you speak of (forgive me, we play so many games and I've never had the best of memories) I'm guessing that this is what led me to suggest putting the phone down if the price wasn't right for you.

Please understand that as a presenter although I have no concept of each individuals personal circumstances, I fully take on-board your comments and in future will be mindful of those in your situation. Again let me apologise, there was never any intent personally but I fully respect your comments.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I would be keen to talk further.

warm welcome to the forum, argeybargey. Nice to see the post from Derek and the apology from Craig. The presenters all have different styles but I have to agree, the ones that interact with their customers are the ones I warm to the most. Hope you have fun at Rocks TV and post again when your purchases arrive.
my jewellery purchases are a bit pathetic i'm afraid so i don't consider myself to be a fully paid up member of the 'Bling Club', but i just wanted to say welcome to the lovely ArgeyBargey & i look forward to reading your future posts.

also great to see Derek replying & a very welcome apology from Craig :21: (please tell me i wasn't the only one to read it in my head in a Craig accent?! :52:)

Welcome ArgeyBargey

I have been very critical of Gems TV of late because I am extremely disappointed at the way they have gone downhill. My husband and I (oops sound like the Queen there!!) have spent a fortune with Gems TV and I have some beautiful pieces so to see them fall apart in front of my eyes is so sad particularly when this didn't need to happen. However, I am 100% in agreement with you when it comes to Adina and Fiona and cannot understand why they are still employed there. I have yet to find someone who has a good word to say about "look at that" "look at that" slurp "look at that" slurp Adina!!!

With regards to Craig though, I am sorry you felt offended by what Craig said but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that there is no way that he would have meant to cause any offence with his comment. I have had correspondence with Craig in the past and believe me he is a total gentleman. The funny thing is that the correspondence started because at that time I actually didn't like his presenting style! I have to say he has a wicked sense of humour and can be rather naughty at times with his innuendos but rude and offensive? Never - well not intentionally anyway.

It was nice to see Derek post here and for Craig to publically apologise. As for Katherine at Rocks TV contacting you - well that is very typical of their Customer Service - Excellent. Well done Katherine you are a star.

ArgeyBargey, hope to see more of your posts and also hope you get all the sparklies you want at Rocks.TV
Hi lexxy, i also heard it to lol, respect to Craig for his apology i hope it doesnt put you off Argey although the fun has gone out of gems at the mo,
anyways am off to rocks, see you there?:33:

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