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Jul 5, 2008
:cheeky: I was thinking about becoming an advisor but wondered how all the people who were brave enough to take the plunge in the beginning were getting on if thats not to personal
I was thinking how do you go about selling your bling i.e by jewellery parties or at your work place that sort of thing
my main concern would be keeping up the momentum once people have bought initially do they want more or is it then hard work finding other outlets and my other question is ,is it worthwhile doing to make extra cash or is it more a hobby
I havent seen any threads on the subject on here or maybe you would rather not discuss it on the forum if thats the case then i'm sorry if i have stepped over the line asking
Hi Milly, I was thinking the same thing, i'd probs start it off as a hobby and see how things went, as long as youre having fun why not try it, good excuse to get the girls together.
Hi Rebecca,I have had some info regarding the advisor scheme and it appears it has not really worked out for those who took the plunge I believe there is only two people left from when the scheme was launched back in march so i think it would probably be best to wait and see if there is any new developments or do what some peeps do and buy things in auction and then sell on privately to friends etc i did wonder why no-one ever had a thread on the subject on the forum so now we know lol
lol, thats lucky, oh and i were talking about joining the rocks advisor scheme as a bit of fun, think i'll try selling privately, thanks Milly, I wonder how the 3 that are left are doing with the scheme, would be nice to find out
Hi Milly

just thought I would drop you a quick note on our Rocks Advisor scheme.

We currently have 107 Rocks Advisors. the good news is there is no restriction to how many join the scheme.

It costs just £49 to join, for this you get a starter pack and discount/comission on all items we offer at Coloured Rocks.

Take a look at for more information

best wishes

Thanks Steve for your reply
I will do as you suggest and have a look
Glad to see your back again

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