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Mar 1, 2009
Isle of Wight
What is going on with Channel 49. First it was Rocks and Co which was Ok to have on in the background. Then Gems TV just replaced R&C and seemed to abandon channel 44. Now JML has taken over the 4-9 slot. Are times so hard or are they being kicked off does anyone know?
I've just had a look on Gems home page Sioux and Freeview isn't mentioned, how peculiar.
I wonder if Graham knows what's going on.
Not sure what is happening with GemsTV and Freeview, I did publish this Press Release from JML yesterday.

JML increases Freeview hours

JML is to extend its broadcast slot on Freeview Channel 49 by five hours. The multi-channel retailer will now broadcast daily from 7am until 9pm. This will last until 11th May 2009

Hope that helps, I have emailed GemsTV so hopefully will get an answer tomorrow.
Thank You Graham,

Believe it or not I did read that but it obviously didn't compute!
I have heard back from GemsTV:

Thank you for your email, GemsTV acquired the space on channel 49 on a short term lease being offered by Freeview. Unfortunately this was never going to be a permanent slot as a contract had already been drawn up for this channel by another company.

We are however still broadcasting on Freeview channel 43 from 9.45am – 12.45pm.

I hope this helps to explain why we had a short appearance on this channel.
My Mum & Dad are gutted. They can't afford Sky and really liked having Rocks and Gems on in the afternoon.


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