Franks-free beauty day?


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Jun 24, 2008
Jill Franks is off today poorly-sick so I think she should stay at home and make sure she's really healthy before she come back to work, don't you? I just think I'll enjoy those amazing kitch bran new beauty items tomorrow so much more with any other presenter. :wink2:

Jude xx
Ojon something or other. I couldn't believe she was presented some Slim 'n' Lift the other day ??
I notice that some of the LE items prices have changed, looks like to make way for 3EP
I dont suppose everything on Beauty Day is on 3 EP is it?
There are a few Beauty Day Prices and they are all divisable by 3 so keeping my fingers crossed for 3 EP,
I had an email about the TSV but no mention of EP
Sorry it looks like I am talking to myself but the TSV price is divisable by 3 and just spotted a Philosophy kit priced up by 1p to make it divisable by 3 :D
Yes ,I was surprized to see that everything is on 3 ez pays.
Thought it was only the TSV at first.
Went for 2 of the TSV as the dd's love Ojon as much as me & they can share one :cheeky:
No JF? There I was thinking that they'd dragged JR out early in the morning simply because she's the one presenter that has tried everything and waxes lyrical about how she only uses every single brand she presents!!! :D

Then Fiona the Decleor guest was going on about her skin and that it doesn't have age spots. JR had a supercilious smirk on her face. I'm 66 and don't have age spots or blemishes or grey hair - some of us just get lucky like that (and it's not down to an easy life either!). She's got a few more years to go before she can make claims :D Keely was making exactly the same claim of her products recently on Julia's skin.

[[Off topic - had to turn NN off again last night because of that woman's incessant prodding!! ARGH!!]]
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julia roberts does look amazing but a lot of it has to do with genetics and some to a good skincare routine.

i like this beauty day for some reason it seems more tempting than ever with a lot more items on easy pay. i would have liked some good reductions though.:talking:
I briefly saw Julia doing an Nails Inc item this morning, both Julia and the Helen from Nails Inc stated that the set of mini polishes were all half sizes.....................errrr no they are not!! They are 4mls each and Nails Inc full size is 10ml and the last I heard half of ten was still five!!! :rolleyes:

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