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What is your favourite nail brand?

  • Leighton Denny

    Votes: 8 14.0%
  • OPI

    Votes: 34 59.6%
  • Nails Inc

    Votes: 7 12.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 14.0%

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I'm not sure if this has been asked before but what is everyone's favourite nail brand ..... is it Nails Inc, OPI, Leighton Denny (or maybe a different one).
OPI, my nails are fab using this and seem to grow quicker also, before using were flaking and peeling, can now stab people with a nail and do serious damage to them , their bodies not my nails!!!!
L'Oreal & Sally Hansen for laquer,
Seche top & base coat, nail prep/cleanser,
NSI & Barielle for oil.

i'm not loyal! :21:

i love OPI & Leighton colours, but they just come off too fast, no matter what i do. with my 2 faves, i can go for 2 weeks on my fingers with only a few touch ups & a new top coat.
I haven't got over my love of Special FX.
I do really like my Nails Inc TSV, though I haven't used it much.
OPI I just love the colours, but I don't find they last and they sometimes want 3 coats, where my SFX often works with just one. I do like their topcoats though.
I chose OPI but then I don't use many other brands. Sally Hansen just doesn't feel good enough and all the other brands listed I haven't tried. It's interesting that others have mentioned OPI needing lots of coats cause I find the more you put on the better it is. Last week I had 6 layers and although my nails looked great, they are so brittle this week I'm loosing the passion for OPI.
I like OPI for colours , I have a few Leighton Denny bottles but find his tend to peel of my nails - never been keen on Nails Inc but going next week for a manicure as part of a hen night so the professional application might change my mind !!!

I like collection 2000 for lasting power but the brushes on the OPI are great.
Love OPI so they would be my faves.
Quite like Leighton Denny & some Nails Inc.Creative & Jessica are lovely,too but I always go back to OPI.
Nails Inc/OPI

I can't resist Nails Inc for their extremely up-to-date colours. But love OPI too, for the dimensions in their colours. Having said which a few years ago I spent an entire summer painting an re-painting my toe nails in Leighton Denny's Forbidden Territory. Just love pro polish, I guess! But, if you pointed a gun to my head and I had to choose, then Nails Inc.
Don't have an awfull lot of experience, as I only started painting my nails about a year ago! Now I have a whole load of LD and Nails inc. I love the colours in both, and there staying powere on my toes is 2 weeks. After that I have to redoo as my nails grow too fast not to. On my hands none last much more than 24 hours, but I think thats the kind of person I am, rather than quality.

I went for nails inc, because my nails went to peices when I started at the begining of the year, and the nails inc treatment base coats got them sorted. I also have a nails inc topcoat from superdrug and it dries so much quicker that the LD crystal finish. Didn't like the lids much to start with but having followed AY's advice from a nails inc prog I get on fine with them now.

The other reason is the quality of the Nails inc tsv was much more in line with the other bits I have, than the LD one was. LD's other polishes seam much better than the ones in the TSV at the begining of the year.
Nails Inc for me, they're the only colours I can get to last longer than two days on my nails. South Molton Street is a beautiful colour. OPI I've only used Nail Envy, and it just made my nails floppy, but can't comment on their colours. Leighton Denny I coudn't get on with his products at all, they chipped and peeled off hours after applying them so am not impressed with that brand.

I love my ProStrong topcoat though, that's a nice thick texture and although it takes a bit to set makes my manicure last ages.
OPI is good and dries really quickly. Jessica lasts lots longer but it does take more time to dry. The jessica top coats are superb and make the varnish last for ages. The opi one is rubbish and goes gloopy after about the 2nd or 3rd use.
Funny enough nail polish is one of the products where I am not fussy what I use. At the moment using Maybelline Express Finish.

I am lucky enough to have long natural nails but only ever leave polish on for two days before taking it off to give them a rest.
I've voted for OPI, but I have a wide selection of high street cheapies as well. I've also got a couple of Chanel nail varnishes which are lovely.

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