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Oct 27, 2008
Why is he dressed like a sailor?!
Is this 'on trend' at the moment?
Cant imagine my other half dressing like that,think he'd lost the plot if he did
Am only watching the Birkenstock hour,nothing else worth watching!
I'm sure I heard Glen say in the 7am repeat something along the lines of 'blah blah blah ... to get a really playful look'. He really is scraping the bottom of the desperation barrel with his descriptions.
His Buccaneers will be under his buckin' hat.:4:

Oh a sailors life is the life for me, how I love to sail on the bounding sea's, and I never ever ever do a thing about the weather cause the weather never ever does a thing for me, Oh a sailors life is the life for me, tiddle um dum pom pom dum dee dee de.

i did not see him but the shops do have quite alot sailor inspired fashions in!
It must be the on-trend and fashion-forward story for a man of age. Did he say what the price point is? Did he wear it dressed down or dressed up? With little courts and a cashmere sweater, or birkis and a little white t shirt?

Were the trousers wide as in palazzo pants, or city shorts?

I don't know why they refer to him as a 'fashion expert' as they don't sell 'fashion' on QVC they only sell carp yankee rubbish.
I have met Glen Campbell - seems like a very nice guy, just no fashion sense, he can't tell ME anything about fashion!
i thought his outfit was very ontrend for a guy keen on cruising, cruising minus the ship if you see what i mean :54:
I become mesmerised by Glen 'The Claw' Campbells hand. As soon as he launchers into his spiel, his hand (left one I think) takes on a claw like quality - or is it me imagining it?

I know that some people like his advice but it takes on less impact when he says just about exactly the same thing for every item e.g. will go with jeans, skirt, dress it down for day and equally, you can dress it up for the evening, wear it with your Emus or your Birkies etc etc!!!!

I don't know why, but I always thought on trend was spelt - en trende - I think I am losing it.

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