Eureka cleaner? i have my doubts


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Sep 4, 2008
if its as good as Revive, it'll be rubbish. The example they showed of the caravan being cleanred was awful. TYhe dirt was so obviously sprayed on cos it was the same colour inside and out, AND the same colour as the reest of the dirt, liker gravy browning had been sprayed on. I won'ty be buying it
I have tried a few cleaners from various shopping channels over the years, and guess what they are all rubbish. You are right from the Demos, they always use spray on dirt to make it look as if it works. Would like them to come to my house, with 2 dogs, a cat and a 16 month old grandson bet it wouldn't work then....
I've used Eureka on the car--very good but don't do it when the sun is full on the car or it's hard to buff it up. On windows it's absolutely brilliant,gives a lovely shine and there are none of those annoying smeary bits when the sun shines on the window. I've tried it on a greasy hob and it was not much good at all--a bit of Fairy Liquid on a dishcloth worked much better !

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