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Aug 3, 2008
Gosh, I am not enjoying this POTD. I can't even watch it presented now, thanks to the sheer unbelievable-ness of it all. I could probably go on all day about how utterly pointless this system is, I'll try not to :p
For a start off, the before and after pictures they are showing us, anyone else not see a difference at all!!! "The portions are so huuuge" they bang on about, errr no, watched them serve a soup last night.... I've seen bigger starters. The food looks awful too, so despite being tiny, and you also have to buy your own veggies to add to it, it looks hideous and costs a fortune. To add to that, you only get 5 days a week food!
And don't start me on the carp they talk about the snack bars! "oooh, have half when you're hungry at mid-morning", well considering everyone who presents an hour of this carp can easily chog through half a bar, several mouthfuls of shake, soup and meals, obviously not THAT filling is it.
Hayley Green swears by this does she since she came to Ideal World, she must have been a size 6 - 8 when she joined IW, how much weight has she lost then?
Not depriving yourself? "who thought you can have curry on a diet" they amaze, well yes you are depriving yourself, you have to eat the soups and the meals despite what they are, and it's a diet, diets don't work, none of them, long term anyway, as Dennice herself has proved, "oooh I lost xyz on diet chef" but now she's put most of it all back on if not more, as SHE says in the fashion shows. Diets don't work, change of lifestyles work, cos if you stop the weight to go and then go back to whatever was causing you to gain in the first place.........

The whole show is just like nails on a blackboard to me, so so so many ridiculous claims, so much orgasming at the food which looks like absolute putridness incarnate, befores and afters where there is no visible difference to me, and I daren't even listen to hear how many calories a day it is, cos anything under or near 1250 needs to be guided by a GP if you do a bit of research, I doubt they have even once mentioned to check with your GP before starting it.

Now, I must get to kittensinpants.com to calm down as just thinking about this absolute nightmare product and presentation has fire coming out of my ears and nostrils! :p
They're just microwave ready meals. You can get them far cheaper in Iceland with the same nutritional value.

I find these 'diet' meal regimes a rip-off. I couldn't find anything on kitteninpants.com though. :sad:
That can't be right can it? £170 for milk shakes and soup and then the price is going up to over £200 soon?!
She put peanut butter in her shake? lol.

6 shakes a day?! That's a lot of milkshake.

Then she shows the soup.........i like how they added the little green leaves on top beause the rest is just a big brown puddle.
Yep, it's just a con - they're just small ready meals - you can get them from any supermarket at half the price.

I also find it strange how the majority of people who present these products are overweight themselves... Denise claims to have been on this for months and it has 'changed her life' etc etc....it certainly doesnt look like it's changed her figure.

QVC has a similar product which, as you guessed, is presented by an overweight woman who never loses weight.
emmm, balanced diet and regular exercise anyone?


nah, we'll just spend £££ on sh*te like this in a vain attempt to lose the pounds ... then proceed to put it all back on again, and more, when we stop using it.

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