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Jun 24, 2008
Just to let you all know that there will be an elemis tsv on Friday 1st August
Possible TSV is 225 897 Elemis Maximum Lift & Hydrate Collection. Currently priced £42.00.
Thnaks Sazza, going to have a quick peek now, I love Elemis products.
Possible TSV is 225 897 Elemis Maximum Lift & Hydrate Collection. Currently priced £42.00.

Thanks Sazza. Details from CS :

50ml Maximum Moisture Day Cream
400ml Skin Nourishing Milk Bath
15ml Papaya Enzyme Peel
10ml Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum
15ml Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask

:) :)
Looks interesting - I am out of the milk bath , I've just ordered the new day cream from salonskincare so I'll see what thats like before I decide .

I love some Elemis products but won't be buying if that is what's in it, don't use the lifting products.

Has anyone tried the Day Cream, how does it compare to the Pro Collagen Marine Cream? :)
Hi Aries

I'm waiting for my new day cream to be delivered - so will report back when I've used it - dont think its anti ageing tho - heres what is says on time to spa :

This fresh feeling day cream with adaptive technology intelligently adjusts to your skin's needs. Providing continuous hydration whilst actively helping to protect against environmental toxins, the lightweight formulation visibly improves skin's condition.
Unique desert plants Myrothamnus and Tamarind are known for their adaptation to extreme climactic fluctuations whilst being rich in anti-oxidant power. Combined with the moisturising virtues of African Baobab Tree, Saw Palmetto Berries and Black Poplar Bud, rich in trace elements and vitamins, skin is perfectly hydrated and energised.

I've smelt it & its smells really nice !!!

Thanks Gorgeous Jemima. The PCMC seems to suit my skin, moisturising enough but not too greasy. I would be interested to hear what you think about the Day Cream. :)
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I've been wanting to try the day and night moisture cream so this TSV looks good:) I think i'll buy the 20ml sizes on offer just now at QVC to try before the TSV day. Looking forward to GJ's review of the day cream:). I love the PCMC and the Oxegenating night cream but both can make a big whole in the budget so having a cheaper alternative in the Elemis range is good. The milk bath is lovely,love the lift serum(especially under the lifting mask) and looking forward to trying the quartz lifting mask. Big thanks to Keeleyx

Did others hear Keeley spilling the beans on a couple of new products coming out( i think August) - a new serum? and a frangapani monoi shower gel to go with the monoi melt oil - cant wait love the smell.

I thought Keeley's skin was looking radiant on her last visit(last week), she had straightened her hair and had an updo - she looked lovely. Linda
If any of you are interested, there's an offer in the Health & Beauty section, 15% off at Timetospa, plus a free gift worth £40.
Just looking at Salonskincare & they have the duo of the new day & night creams for £40 which is a brilliant price.
I've never really liked PCMC & any time I go for an Elemis facial I always ask the therapist to use the Absolutes instead.Love them!
BTW If anyone is pondering the hand wash & h&b lotion,I can certainly vouch for them.They are luscious imho & well worth buying.Shame QVC don't sell them.They have them in the Spa I go to & I use them liberally :D
Much more decadent than Molton Brown :)
Thats what I ordered Marzy - hopefully they should arrive tomorrow , so I'll test them out !! Have you ever had a tri enzyme facial ? I always have the pro collagen ones & fancy a change !

Missed Keely last time she was on - like the sound of the new shower gel - I want one now :)

Thats what I ordered Marzy - hopefully they should arrive tomorrow , so I'll test them out !! Have you ever had a tri enzyme facial ? I always have the pro collagen ones & fancy a change !
Beautiful GJ!You won't be sorry :)
Nope,haven't had a tri enzyme,only a Briilliance,pro collagen & skin specific :)
One thing I can't figure about Elemis facials is they don't do steam extraction.Any other facials I've gone for always include this.It's fab!
When I was in Dubai I had an elemis facial & they offered steam extraction , the only problem being was the machine thing wasn't working so I never got to try it - my friend in the other room did & she said it was fab !!

Another thing to add to my very long list ........
( i've had clarins & decleor facials - cant remember if they had steam ? )

Apologies if this is a daft question... But what is a 'steam extraction'? It sounds scary! I don't really have salon facials as they are quite expensive for me, and I figure I'm better off using the money to buy good quality products to use at home. But I was intrigued by this thread and found a salon in Leamington spa that does elemis treatments for a reasonable price. I've had a very intense time at work and I think I might deserve some pampering...I wonder now if I should make enquiries about this 'steam extraction' business??
Steam Extraction is the removal of blackheads & the like using steam - Elemis dont offer it with their facials tho as Marzy said .

I would really recommend an Elemis Facial if you can spare the cash , they are really relaxing & you normally get a head massage & an arm & hand massage as well , it all smells so nice too . I like to have them as often as hubbys bank account allows !!!!

I've never had a facial but you lot make it sound a worthwhile thing to do. May check some out. Ta for all the info. x

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