elemis 400ml cleanser & toner


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Jan 1, 2009
North East Coast
i just logged on to buy my elemis cleanser & toner as i ran out this morning & the 400ml were only 20 pound even thou on the cleanser & toner page it said £50.i cant believe they have become this cheap. does any one know how long they have been at this price.thanks love kara
Wow - just got mine too!

Thanks a lot for posting this - what a brilliant saving.

Welcome to ST.com Kara - it's fab!
Decided to give it a try, it would be rude not to at that price. The sample of PCMC that comes with it is worth more than the price.
Oh thank you Kara and Sazza for the link.

Yes I have just bought from salonskincare with their deal but this is just too good to ignore.

Wonder if its for Beauty Day and the last of the stock they have? But nearly £30 off!!!!
Wonder if it will turn out to be a mistake and you will get a phone call offering you it at 40 quid

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