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Susie Wusie

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Jun 24, 2008

Has anyone bought a Domotec iron in the past and if so are they as good as they say on IW please, any advice will be much appreciated.
Have a good day all.
I bought one from IW several years ago (I think about 5) and still using it almost daily. I also got the mesh ironing board It definately makes the ironing easier as I used to hate ironing with a passion. I still don't love it but the steam generator cuts down the time and effort involved. The off on switch on mine is a bit tempermental these days it tends to stay on as long as its plugged in but thats not a big problem and has only happened in the last few months. I will definately buy another steam generator when this one need replaced and would consider another dometec as it does the job
I had one years ago too, not sure if I got it from IW or QVC but it was a great iron.

I bought one a while ago but when it arrived the iron heated up but it wouldn't generate any steam at all, no matter what I did, so back it went.

I've got the one that is the 4 day deal now, had it about a year and I love it. I have a big Polti steam machine and used to use the iron which came with that but got this Domotec so I didn't have to keep getting the big machine out just for ironing and having gone back to a 'normal' iron, could not put up with that! This one is very good for the price.
I have a Domotec from IW - the one on the 4 day deal - and love it. Bought it several months ago. Steam generators really make a difference and the Domotec has been no problem at all. Can whizz through my ironing now. :woohoo:
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