Disgusted - just received used handbag


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Jun 24, 2008
Just received a kipling handbag - a xmas pressie for niece. Took it out of bag and looked at inside to see if it had the pen/phone holder inside (after the fiasco that was kipling fairfax with no internal pockets on tsv).
Horrified to find lots of pen marks on inside - all over the top of the pen pocket and side - where previous owner obviously "missed" pocket with pen tip on numerous occasions.

Phoned returns. Apologetic but said couldn't possibly happen. I said "oh yes it does" . I previously got earrings with a spare (not the same) belonging to someone else! They also went back.

The lady was very nice - said she too was disgusted and said she would be raising a complaint. Will have to wait and see what happens.

The bag was white - I wondered if someone just bought it to wear for an event to match something and then sent it back. QVC policy allows you to do this but their department that sorts returns needs looking at.

Am trying to spend less, and events like these do focus the mind!
I nearly wrote "no teabag though" on the post !

Maybe I'll put a teabag in it before I send it back - in case it resurfaces to someone else!!
It won't hurt - they won't find it.
It does make me think very hard about ordering and sending back a 1/2 eaten box of Lindt chocolates - reason for return - made me sick!
( won't say own fault for eating in one go - like CH)
Aren't some people disgusting - openly abusing a process that enables people to try a product honestly or to see a product in the flesh before committing to it. It is people like that who will, inevitably, ruin a good thing for honest buyers. Some people just cannot cope with the responsibility of being responsible. MInd you, I possibly do put too many items on cheque hold!!!!
I suppose when there's such an open MBG, it's bound to be abused by some. I feel guilty if the wrapping is creased. For those reasons though, the goods should be checked carefully when returned, which it seems they are not.

How disappointing for you Sued but it's a good job you looked before you gave it to your niece - she may have been too embarrassed to say anything ...
that is disgusting really

It is. They are probably urged at QVC to keep numbers of products they have to trash down to a minimum - that and the fact that the staff are probably low paid agency workers SOME ans I do say SOME of which could not give a fig.

If I have to return beauty items I always make sure that a good bit of the product is removed, items are opened etc as I think it woud be awful if they tried to sell on.

I think this is at its worst when it's earrings - I no longer buy from QVC - and cosmetics.
Hmmm dont think i will be ordering an electric toothbrush

Best example of the lot. No way!!!

The only time worth risking is when a product is new and just on air. Hopefully no time to have been sent out and back in.

Of course, unless it's the one the presenter test drives and has been let loose on Anne's gnashers...
Yes it does make you think before ordering some products, even if they are a good buy!!
The exact same thing happened to me when I bought a Kipling handbag from QVC for my mum for Mother's Day this year - I was horrified, especially as I just wrapped it up and gave it to my mum, and she had opened it when she realised - it was really embarrassing. QVC told me they never send out returned items, so how did a strap go missing, and how did marks get inside the bag (if I remember correctly it was lipstick marks)
I just hope they checked the leg waxer I sent back a few years ago! I managed one part of my leg but the pain was so immense that I couldn't continue.

Not only that but when ripping off the strip, I knocked the unit on the floor. At the time, we had 2 dogs and as dog owners know - hairs get everywhere! I can imagine them seeing the hairs and thinking 'she must be a yeti'!!! :11:
I always assumed returned goods were sold via some kind of outlet store and make-up automatically dumped for hygiene reasons. I have ordered clothes from the clearance were the packaging suggested it may have previously been returned but nothing else obviously second hand.

I have felt guilty about returning make-up sets but I also think to myself well they promote these things 'this shade etc is suitable for all skin types' and the rest so I feel sometimes they only have themselves to blame. I have always used a bit of the item to make sure it's not for me (and re-coup a bit of the postage costs).

At the end of the day I don't like retunrning items because of the postage costs and would never abuse the system.
i dont think you can blame the customer qvc should check everything before it goes out to the customer. we pay quite high p&p costs and i assume this is for the free phone calls and the extra customer service element regarding returns.
the customer is excersizing thier right to try before they buy. qvc actively encourage this.
I always assumed returned goods were sold via some kind of outlet store and make-up automatically dumped for hygiene reasons.

I live near one of the outlet stores, I have seen used/returned skincare and cosmetics there many times. I pointed it out to the assistant and was told it couldn't happen, but how else do you explain half empty tubes and worn down lipsticks?

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