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aka Sapphire_Blue
Jun 24, 2008

Did I win?? I had a pretty necklace arrive today but I didn't buy or bid for it there is no details or anything with it just wondered if anyone knows if/when my name came up on the random generator or was it the game??, I normally log in and watch Rocks but the past week i've been kicked off the pc to allow the kids to do there homework and stuff and they have now joined facebook because all there friends are on there (so am I, but they have far more friends than I on there lol) but I still have Rocks on in the background.

Its a pretty necklace the only trouble is now I'm going to have to see if I can buy another one like it because both my teenagers have decided they want it lol

Here are a few pics of the necklace both the girls were happy to model it LOL




I'm expecting a call or something now to say sorry it was a mistake it was sent to the wrong person :eek: :) but if its not and I really did win then WOOOOOOO Thank You RocksTV :10:

P.S I'm Sapphire_Blue on RockTV
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I remember that comp - I loved that piece and was urging the random generator to PICK ME!!! I sadly found out that I don't have the psychic ability to make computers choose my name...
I think I remember your name coming up as the winner (only vaguely though!!!).
Anyhow, it looks gorgeous in your pictures, hope you can prise it off the girls so you can have a go in it!
What a fantastic surprise Dee, it's gorgeous and looks lovely on you. It's great to win something unexpectedly isn't it!!!

What a lovely surprise

:1: What a lovely surprise for you...enjoy wearing it!!..

I also remember the random generator picking your name out.

Mirabelle x:40:
Yes you defo won it you wont be able to get another the same though because i think the necklaces are pieces given away but not from current stock if you know what i mean
I'll swop you i had one of those rings as a prize --- nice lol
it came on its own with nothing to say what it was but i knew i had won it a couple of nights before but well done and keep it for yourself

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