Did I hear right?


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Aug 5, 2009
Sales guest for vaporize odour eliminator......

'one can will remove the smell of death' in a hospital

It was about 7.45 last night - Julian looked really embarassed and changed the subject.... I wasnt sure if maybe someone else might have heard it....

I'm sure that's what I heard - the guest was talking about if you had a relative in hospital and it smells stale that you could use it to remove 'the smell of death'....
For starters they wouldn't allow anything like that in a hospital and that comment could upset so many viewers. What an idiot.
If he said that, he must be a real tool! I am a nurse and I doubt that he has ever really smelled the odour of dead bodies. Once smelled, never forgotten. A very insensitive comment to make and besides which, I don't know of many hospitals who would allow such a product to be used. Glad Julian changed the subject :)
Hi, just dipping in, always read the forums, but not posted for yonks!

I could not believe what that man said, when i saw the presentation, i was horrified! Surely they must discuss what they are going to say, before the show, clearly he forgot to mention this particular selling point!!!!:sad:
Thanks Loveheart. As i said, am always reading, the forum has influenced my decision on whether to buy things, or not, but can never seem to think of anything witty to say!!!:blush:

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