Diamantaire 1st aniversary


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Dec 13, 2008
Champangne and Tuxedo's for the 1 year anniversary of ideal world's diamonique copy. They are making a bit of a big deal of the range. Obviously it is based on diamonique. Denise said it is better than other diamond simulants on other channels, more brilliant and uses better technology. She bought a diamond simulant from another channel and couldn't wear it because the stones were white. How many designs do they have? Not much more than 30 I think. How many designs do qvc have of diamonique? Hundreds. The exaggeration of diamantaire's qualities and hiding the fact that it is a blatent rip off gets on my nerves.
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I miss czarlite/platinum dreams/gem creations. Howard used to come every 4-6 weeks with a variety of amazing designs. Now diamantaire has taken over.
Looks sh*te to me, I wouldn't trust anything from this channel as far as I could throw Paul Brodel :p

My DQ I have had for 9 years, wear everyday and looks better than a brand new piece of Diamontaire ever could. Czarlite was a pile o pap too if you ask me, but I agree that Platinum Dreams is sorely missed.

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