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Jun 26, 2008
I am on holiday this week and my boss phoned me today and said I was not being made redundant at the moment. It was a good conversation, but it was only a couple of hours later that I fully appreciated how priviledged I was. We are not having any kind of pay rise this year and our targets are being dropped year could be scarey. I have already stopped spending so much with QVC and at the moment none of their offers are tempting. I think there is more to come but how are you guys coping? (My only vice is handbags).
My OH hasn't been paid since Sept 08 and the company he was working for closed mid Dec. Have just found out that my job, am a beauty therapist, is not at all I've been stressing (especially as we are getting married in May). going to take it a day at a time and deal with problems when the actually happen NOT before they do - otherwise i'd have no energy to spot bargains :)

Have resisted the sales and treat myself now again via ebay and less so QVC (but i will admit to using the 3 ezpay voucher recently :) )
I was made redundant about 3 years ago. At first things were pretty much ok - I had a decent payout and some private insurance to cover bills etc. But when I did get a new job it was not as well paid as the old one, and that was when things started to get quite tough....

The state of the economy has meant no payrise or a very low payrise for the last couple of years, whilst bills like gas etc just seem to have gone through the roof, so I am probably worse off now than I was 5-6 years ago. Plus, the government's priority seems to be 'hard working families', as if single people, childless couples, pensioners etc don't count, and I don't think that helps.

Things I've done to cut back.

Buy loads of the 'Economy' and 'Basics' stuff from supermarkets.
Cancelled gym membership (though found a cheaper one a year later).
No new clothes or shoes other than for work.
Sell stuff I don't use/wear on Ebay.
Claimed back some bank charges.
Go out less.
Use websites like 'Moneysavingexpert'.
Searched on the internet for cheaper house and car insurance.
Limit on pressie spending at xmas.
I am trying to cut back on my impulse purchases.I have given all the expensive yet inefective skincare brands the heave-ho...apart from my beloved purity!
I am not buying TSV'S unless I NEED them.
My weakness is make up and haircare products,but I have a ridiculous amount and need to... GET A GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am lucky that my job is secure but I have wasted so much money in the past on impulse buys.
I'm not 'trying out' any more skincare, bath products or make up. Now I know what I like I'll only buy an exceptionally good value TSV and I'll search ebay for the other bits and pieces I need. I'm not buying jewellery or candles either.
I'm actually spending more on QVC because I have lived on a budget for so long, not much has changed but I am very selective of what I buy. My hubbies job is very secure thank goodness but it's always been difficult for us to live on our money so the only way we've been affected is the enormous price changes in food shopping. We're not people who live by credit so thats where we've not been affected too much. The penny pinching conintues and I am able to have a few treats with what I save. My latest is to cook more from scratch meals.
I don't have a lot of debt, but I'm trying to build up my nest egg a bit so have resolved to find ways of cutting back/earning extra money this year. I rang Sky to cancel the movie package - they offered it to me at the discounted rate of £3/month for three months, so I'll cancel that when it's up.

I've also stopped buying Philosophy's Hope in a Jar and Purity and replaced them with Oil of Olay cleansing wipes and Simple moisturiser. I think my skin is actually clearer and softer now.

I'm not buying any Philosophy shower gel this year - I've got a silo-sized bottle of one of the graces I've yet to open and my lovely boyfriend bought me loads of others for Christmas, so I shouldn't run out until roughly 2018.

And, finally, I'm having a massive clear out and loads will go on Ebay.

Luckily, I went off QVC several months ago and hardly buy anything from them anymore.
Instead of buying whatever I fancy (except the really expensive stuff that I just couldn't afford anyway), I am writing it down. I keep a list of TSVs which might be of interest. If I don't buy the TSV(s) then, if I still want and need it, I can perhaps buy something from my "I want" list. However, I've found that a couple of days later I'm usually not that bothered about buying it which just goes to show how much we buy on impulse from WATCHING presentations on QVC. So, I've decided to spend less time watching it and more time doing other things such as reading.

Job-wise I'd hope mine is reasonably secure, but these days nobody can know 100% that their job is safe. OH works for a charity so whilst not a high earner he does have a very worthwhile and satisfying job so, fingers crossed, we should be okay.

Like Calvin, I'm not going to try out any new stuff. After 9 years with QVC I know what works for me and will only buy to replace or exceptionally good value TSVs. I've got more than enough clothes (understatement of the year) and will only replace boots, etc. as they actually wear out. I've already got rid of my stockpile on Ebay prior to Christmas and will continue to do so with anything surplus to needs and perhaps some clothes to provide PayPal funds to buy things I really need.

QVC - how about payment by PayPal?!
I was made redundant 3 months ago have had a good few ez pays but will have to stop spending soon as it doesn't look too hopeful on the job front. I did do a test for a typing firm who have eventually got back to me that they have not much work at the moment but hoping that it will get better in late January but it is looking very bleak at the mo, every time you turn the news on more and more people are being made redundant but luckily my OH is in a good job. My only vice is candles but I've got enough now to sink a battleship and LE I could never resist the TSV's.

I buy the WW magazines and get some nice recipes from there which have saved us a fortune, we don't do takeaways anymore just go out for a nice meal now and again down the pub not like we used to we would go out 3 or 4 times a week. Its so expensive now to go out I never used to think about until I lost my job.

But I'm lucky that I got a good redundancy package. But fingers crossed for everyone and lets try and stay positive even though sometimes it seems so hard xx
my absolute luxury is good bath products and some good basic skincare. give credit where qvc is due if it were not for qvc tsv's i would not be able to afford to use l'occitane,philosophy or even liz earle on a daily basis for me and my family.
clothes wise i use my mail order catalogue and purchase some special stuff e.g an amanda wakely dress and a cashmere jumper both costing around £20 each. but i have to wait until the very end of the sales and hope something special comes up.
if you go to m&s sometimes you can get really classic stuff from say the autograph range for £2 and £3. for me its easy to look good on a budget as i have never had any money but do like really nice stuff. it just takes time and stamina though lol
not much changed for me except the intrest on my savings is now total crap but i dont rely on it, my husbands got a good safe job so not worried i havent worked since lat may am looking for a job luckily i have the finances to be choosy and take my time unlike some people, i am trying to cut back the food shopping bill but not having alot of luck.My heart goes out to all the people who have been made redundant
I don't buy from QVC anymore for a start! It was too easy to get 'talked' in to stuff I really didn't need, or in fact use, after I'd bought it!

I'm also not stockpiling stuff, like bath products, because I've probably already got enough to last me 5 years, and I keep getting given things as well.

Other than that, I'm not a particularly extravagant person, so I'm not cutting back on food, as we don't go out that often anyway, and we enjoy a good meal in.

My big vice is buying jewellery from RocksTV, but at the prices their pieces go for, I'm buying gifts when I see them and putting them away until needed.

So far, lucky not to have been affected. We both retire this year but our pension pot is protected, thank goodness. Unfortunately, according to banks etc, no interest to be had anywhere, so will have to be careful with lump sums when they arrive.

Have cut back on QVC shopping lately and tend to look more for the bargains and less impulse buying.

I feel so sorry for the people losing their homes etc.

P x
Jobwise, both our jobs are safe, which is already great in these times. The mortgage payments have been reduced a little because of the interest drop, but this is not really making a huge difference.
I just want to become more careful with money, as I am too careless spending.
I want to curb my impulse buying and spend less on QVC. My last purchase was the elemis cleanser bargain, but from now on I will be more careful. I have enough skincare/body products for the next 2 yrs!
My biggest vice is too lol.

I started to write down all my expenses in a small notebook I carry with me, just to check what I spend. Coffee republic, baguette, ..... it all adds up.
I have enough clothes to last me some considerable time and will not buy anything new this year. Shoes and handbags is another weakness, I just have to stay away from the shops to avoid it.
I don't want to limit my food shopping, as I don't think I spend too much and we both enjoy our homecooked dinners. I never buy ready meals anyway

I want to give up SKY, but OH can't live without it lol
I have had to rent out my spare room to make ends meet and it's not something I would have chosen to do but needs must, I have had nothing but problems with then since they moved in, smoking in the room when they where told when they came to look at the room that it is a no smoking house, And to cap it all they are just back from Christmas and can't afford the 3 weeks rent they now owe me.
Get rid of them Amber&Ruby and get a new tenant!

I have cut back on QVC, as a crafter we are notoriously bad at spending so have cut back there and only spend a small amount per month on my hobby.

I have also massivly cut back on Clothes and beauty products.

We have just moved to a new house and the rent is massive as are the bills - so I've no choice really!
we have been lucky so far. I am trying to stop impulse buying which basically means hardly ever going anywhere except the supermarket (and even there i am not safe lol) and at home sticking to playing games and not looking at the shopping channels/sites etc. We hardly even have ready meals. its not because i love cooking or that i am a great cook, its more to do with the fact that you dont really get them here (i swear if i lived in the UK i would end up selling body parts to splurge at M&S food hall every day)

i estimate that i dont need any more make up or perfume for a few years but its so easy to be tempted by something. my weakness is clothing, shoes, handbags and, worst of all, bling. luckily i have fallen out with gems and i havent even started with the Rocks sites because i could tell they were a slippery slope. i have never bought a lot from QVC so that isnt a problem either but Next have put a spoke in the wheel by now posting to Europe.... now thats gonna be tough to ignore.
I have been cutting down on my spending at QVC by not watching, I look at the schedule and the TSV via the internet to see if anything interesting is coming up but trying to only buy what I need.

I will be intersted in the Decleor TSV this month becuase I use the brand and am a little low on the few things, otherwise I will purchase from who are very good.

Fingers crossed my job will be ok, but you just feel like cutting down these days because you don't know whats around the corner.
I'm going to try and not be tempted by stuff I don't really need or want. I sent quite a bit back last year. I was good before Christmas and resisted the Smashbox TSV so clearly I do have will power ... I just need to use it more often!!

I do budget every month, have no debts (other than mortgage) and regularly save, but I am going to cut back further this year as I don't think we will get a payrise this year and the cost of leccy etc is scareing me! My mortgage went up (fixed rate) so I lost out there as I renewed it before the interest drop.

Tia's book sounds like a good idea - the odd £1 here and there all mounts up.
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We too fixed our mortgage over a year ago and it would be too expensive to remortgage elsewhere. We had no Christmas bonus and no wage increase at work because nobody knows what's around the corner and how long this will continue.

A common thread running through these replies is that of "impulse buying". I know I'm guilty of it. I rarely send things back because I do want the things I buy on impulse and they are good products, I just buy too many! I wish willpower could be purchased on QVC!

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