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I watched this last night and thought it was something different from TJC.

I loved the way they kept saying "one P&P per call" - how nice of them not to offer 1 P&P for multiple orders.... grrrr!

Why can't we buy these items from the website??

Also I didn't quite grasp if this is happening for one "Spotlight Week" only or if it is going to be a regular thing. Is this a trial??

I thought the silver in the earlier spotlight hour was very expensive.

Sorry....having a bit of a ramble this morning....It just annoyed me.

I'm wondering if these items will go into the normal selling format after Spotlight Week is over, but I guess the only way to find out is to wait. I liked some of the Colour Couture items on offer but I prefer to buy from the website so until/unless they get that set up I probably won't indulge.
Didn't see it Fruity, but I agree that the silver earlier was VERY expensive, needless to say, I managed to resist the 'temptation':rolleyes:

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