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Jun 24, 2008
is it just me or was the clearance one of the worst QVC have ever had ? not only was there a lot of tat but the prices were still quiet high. in this economy people can get better deals from sales in stores and with catalogue companies so why expect people to spend a lot of money on loud ( indigo moon ) , over priced ( kim and co + michele hope clothes . the p+p on the items IMO ruins any saving as its too high even on jewellery and they have the cheek to boast if there is a reduction when many companys charge less for items and deliver free.

come in to the real world QVC and realise finances are tight
For me, a sale needs to be at least 50% off . Having said that; most of the products on over the last couple of days wouldn't even be tempting at 90% off.
I think QVC could offer to pay me to take the stuff off their hands and I still wouldn't want it......!!! :(
Did not watch but thier sales for the last few years have been very poor.
No it's not just you, Mak. I also agree that QVC were trying to unload a load of tat at ridiculous prices. They have a diehard fan base who would buy their fashion no matter how unattractive or expensive. I guess it's like a double glazing salesman who's sat in your living room giving you the hard sell. In the end you're convinced you need every item they are selling no matter how expensive. I've bought loads of stuff that had I been in the High Street I would have picked up, looked at and then put down without a second thought. It's hard not to resist their sales patter but I'm getting better now :D.
I was seriously disappointed in the craft clearance,some of the items did not even have 10% off, not much of a clearance in my opinion,especially when you then add the extortionate P&P.

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