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Oct 1, 2008
I've just rung QVC to see when the next Bionova show/slot will be because I bought the Bionova Facial mask some time ago and found it to be excellent when my skin 'plays up.' I've almost run out and they've told me that as far as they know (she checked the listings) that the mask is discontinued. :2:

This forum has been so useful in supplying links for other firms that supply certain makes (and I now order via those) and so I'm hoping that someone here can help me track this product down, before I start the lengthy job of trawling the net. I've found information about Bionova, but so far haven't spotted another outlet, other than QVC.

It's just typical that I find something I like and they stop doing it. :2:

Thanks, in anticipation, of any help.
Have you tried Bionova's own website?

Thank you. :1: I did find what I thought was their website, but I didn't get a page that looked like that (and yes.............I'm blonde :54:)

Having looked at the facial masks, they seem to have changed their packaging (mine was in an opaque white pot, not blue) and the price wasn't that high on QVC, (it was under £30) so I'm not sure if it's the same product and I can't put a link to the product on QVC as a comparison because it's discontinued.

I've bookmarked that link and if no one else replies then I may well bite the bullet and try ordering it from there, incase it is the same product.

Thank you again.

Edit: I've just spotted the UK phone number so will ring them tomorrow.

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