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Jun 26, 2008
I have a small blue diamond solitaire ring that I bought from Gems. It is 18kt white gold and only a fairly small 0.169ct diamond, but it is set high on the knife edge band and is such a striking colour it really stands out.
Anyway, I paid 99.00 for it. I got a valuation back today and it was valued at 400.00. I'm very happy with that.
Here is the link to it, and also a link to a white gold and diamond band I bought to wear with it from one of the recent Diamond hours. They go together really well.

Blue diamond

White gold band
Well done Glitzy, I've seen that ring go for rather more than what you paid, it cost me £119 and that was better than most.

I bought mine to match a special ring I had made for me, but the pair didn't quite work, so I returned my BD. But I do recall it being a lovely colour and very contemporary.

So well done on your valuations and the second ring looks a very good match for it. :mysmilie_735.gif:
That blue diamond ring is such a pretty ring. And what a nice valuation too!
well done on the valuation. blue diamonds never fail to captivate or please. I certainly paid alot more for my slightly larger one than you did so well done on your bargain.

enjoy wearing the beauties.
Another BD fan here, lovely ring and a good valuation Glitzy. BTW did anyone buy the gorgeous blue and white diamond on last night (I think) Another on my want list.

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