Bid TV leaving Freeview


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Jun 24, 2008
London, UK
I think it's old news, but some of you might not know - The auction channel will be replaced by (I think) Discovery's Quest channel at the end of the month.

I think that Price-Drop goes marching on.

I didn't know Clemenzina, thank you.
I always wondered why there were two practically identical channels.
Good riddance!

Price-drop sells the same old tat...sorry, products anyway, so it'll be nice to get a different channel on freeview.
This is possibly good news for me as it'll save me some money, but having only recently discovered the channel I think I'll miss it a little. As the poster above this said - the best presenters seem to be on Bid.

Believe it or not, I sometimes have it on (or Price-Drop) for sonic company ;) I love listening to the Northern Ireland girl on Price-Drop - ooh, and that's where eye-candy (when he's not too tangoed) James is too :)

I bought an Elitech convection oven for £23 incl which is selling on QVC (better build of course) for £70, and a single induction hob for £24, which inspired me to buy a full hob second-hand and ready scratched from eBay and it's the light of my life ;)

Will be glad to get a decent channel on freeview instead of music, shopping, entertainment channels........anyone know what Discovery Quest is like?
well accually i like shopping tv buyt only biud and price drop as they are the best now there will only be one channel.

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