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Jul 4, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Lasy night during the 10pm show they showed this beauty case which i missed out on and is now on waitlist -|metadrill,html

Im trying to find one of these boxes or something similar to store my make-up, as i have so many bags of products i never use half of it and its such a waste.

I wondered if anyone had the details on a pair of black storage bags? They were a TSV, big black bags with clear pockets and compartments.
I've tried to search but i cant find them?

Are these any good?

I just want something to hold all my products so i can clearly see what i have (and dont have!)

I've tried Ebay, but its difficult to tell the size etc and id rather use QVC so i can return them!

I tried to order one last night online, kept saying unable to process please call to order item. So much for online shopping
I've had various smaller Freedom bags over the last 10 years or so & they are all really well made & last well.
I bought the travel holdall on wheels with a zip on suit carrier, that they did about 10 years ago - it's been on many foreign holidays & is still going strong.
Highly recommended!!
MakeUp Storage

I have collected so much makeup over my 3 years at QVC (and I am sure most of it is out of date!!) that only the very large (and most expensive) cases would suffice. I am considering trying this idea if I can work out a way of making it look less utilitarian in my bedroom!

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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