Beautiful dress...ain't it just typical!


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Jun 24, 2008
I was watching price drop, or bid up the other day, and they were showing a gorgeous black evening dress with a stole..which I love as I like to cover the tops of my arms. It was a sort of floaty Georgette material with fabric roses at the top and a ruched looked fab on the model. I decided to look on line, and then I noticed the same dress in turquoise, and it blew the black one out of the water..they had two, one in size 20, the other size 22..bliddy typical. Ok, even before I'd lost any weight a size 18 would have been what I needed, but even could have guaranteed that back then all that would have been available would be size bliddy 8 or 10! I keep checking the site and tonight another turquoise one appeared...I clicked with baited breath, and it was another size flippin' 20. There's a 16 in the black still available which I might buy although I might be better off waiting for a size 14. The web picture doesn't really do it a lot of justice, but believe me, it looks beautiful on. So I'll keep on checking...and I WILL go to the ball lol!
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Well would you believe, I've checked again this morning and I've found a blue one in size 16...tempted to register my bid immediately, but it's obviously only just gone on as it's only £5 away from it's starting price and the auction doesn't finish until next Sunday, there's only two available and I know that if I click now, I will still pay the lowest price, but I'm scared that by doing this the other one might get snapped up too quickly and I'll end up paying over the odds for it...although I love the dress so much, I wouldn't mind too much, however without seeing the quality first hand, I'd be happier to pay round about the £40 mark, which seems to the price the dress is typically dropping to. There's also the element of Murphy's law that says as soon as I commit to buy it, a size 14 will suddenly appear, which would possibly be a better choice for me. Also don't know what their sizing's like, whether they are cut on the small or the large side. All I know is that I'VE GOT TO HAVE THAT DRESS lol!
I keep checking and it's still there, but I've noticed a couple of bids have already been placed, so I've put in the buy it now price, so I know it's secure, now I've just got to hope that the auction runs to the last day and that the price drops down to a good one. Some of the black ones have been going for around the £20 mark, the other thing I've got to hope for is that it fits nicely and isn't far too big for me. I'm wondering whether size 16 is actually the smallest size it comes in, as I've yet to see one available that is smaller. It'll be a shame if I do have to return it as the postage and packing's quite hefty with these channels, and I swore I wouldn't be so silly again after wasting time and money buying that tanzanite ring from IW not so long ago!
Hi, dont know if you have had thier clothes before, but they do tend to run small. depends on the dress, but i think i know the 1 u mean, cut on the bias, long floaty with sequin/diamante? i would think it will run small.
oops old thead lol.. duh.

Don't worry! I did actually manage to get the dress in a size 14, of course now it's waaay too big anyway, never mind. It does look ok it I put a discreet pin in it to make it smaller. It's too intricate a design and the fabric's too delicate for me to try and take it in properly, and I can't afford a proper dressmaker to alter it, it would cost more than the dress in the first place.

I have noticed that all the dresses I've ever seen on the auction channels start at size 14 for some reason, however, the do the smaller sizes in other stuff.

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