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Jun 24, 2008
I've had TJC on for most of the day and there have been some fantastic bargains. I was sorely tempted by 2 Tanzanite rings - both Iliana. One was yellow gold, just over half a carat single stone Tanzanite with quarter carat diamonds and the other was white gold single stone 0.85 Tanzanite and 0.20 carats diamonds. Both went for under £300. The yg one was £249.95 and the wg one was £299.95. By the time I decided to go for one they were gone!

Saw this early this morning though and it was absolutely gorgeous! Didn't get a screen print but it was to die for. Sadly I don't have a spare £2599.95 otherwise I would have bought it like a shot. Look at the gold weight!

Did get a screen print of a beautiful Paraiba though. Set in Platinum with sparkly VS2 diamonds and gorgeous colour of Paraiba. I thought the price was pretty good too for what it was, especially when you see the rubbish other channels sell. When you see this you wonder how Rocks & Co get away with selling the carp they call Paraiba!!

Oh well still got fingers crossed for tonight's Euromillions or there's always tomorrow night's lottery. Quick! Duck - there's a low flying pig!!


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:wow: Klos the Tanzy and the Paraiba look really lush, fingers crossed your numbers come up (and don't forget your friends :4: )
If I win the lottery tonight I'll buy it for you Klos. You've made me laugh on many an occassion............... you deserve it! :cash:

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