Anyone watching BCC Night?


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Lola Rose

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Jun 25, 2008
Julian on the Phones - you gotta love him!

Claudia's dress is beautiful but looks a bit too short for her long stature!

agree lovely dress but bit short, but if I had her figure....
would like the items to come through a bit quicker - last few years stuff was on and off - could hardly keep up.
Not bought anything yet - waiting for what I dont know LOL
I've bought a Laura Geller kit for my friend for christmas, the Bare Escentuals mini Glee kit for me (been after Glee for a while) and a cross-shaped pendant in gold for me too as I've seen something similar in the shops but more expensive. Some of the stuff is/was quite nice - the OPI kit looked good and so did the Elemis kit. They went so quickly though!!!

I think it's great that the money goes to BCC though.
bought the pink cardi for christmas :11: seemed a good idea at the

wanted the B&W brooch but it went
There wasn't any Philosophy unfortunately. Got a couple of DQ pendants and the mother of pearl pendant and the Liz Earle kit to give to my boss who is a breast cancer survivor and she is holding a fund raising event for breast cancer care - I can't go so instead of giving a donation I'll give her this and she can raffle/auction it and hopefully help to add to the amount raised
I was quite restrained (for me), bought the B & W brooch as I collect bears (maanged to buy just as the show started on Qcut), pink headphones - had to buy on the phone, first time I've done that for years I think - and pink cardigan - not something I would usually wear, but we're going on a cruise next year and it will be a useful evening top to put on over the black top and trousers that I will be wearing (I'm so boring, I have a collection of tops and bottoms, like most people, but unless I'm somewhere VERY hot, I tend to stick to black in the evening in the vague hope that I look slimmer).

Wasn't so impressive this year, would get similar discounts in any department store sale - however the cause made it worthwhile of course.

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