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Jun 24, 2008
Another 48 hours of Crafting starting Saturday night coming up :eek:. Think I'll scream :mad:! Can't IW take a hint ? Please, NO MORE CRAFT. You are doing it to death. Either that, or SW is sponsoring it. There already is a Craft channel without inflicting this on us.
I know, I know.

My goodness I love crafting as much as the next person but this is going to far.

I really could.........

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I mean are ideal world going.......
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but thats what they want, don't let their minds games get to you.......

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Be strong.
LOL, love this thread and everyones input, LOL.
Love the emoticon/smilies too.
a remarkable 48 hours of superb crafts and you aren't all delighted??


The trouble is is that they have just had 72 hours of craft, now this, again.

I love cardmaking as much as anyone, always make my own and they are always one-of-a-kind cards, but this is pushing it to far.

I mean are IW in such dire straits that only crafting can save them? If it is then they should close down the main channel and only have C&C.

I have to say it does not look good for the channel in general to keep ploughing this line all the time when they could be selling alot of other items.
a remarkable 48 hours of superb crafts and you aren't all delighted??


15 hours of the 4 day Craft Deal, presumably with Stephanie Weightman's new chant of "you'll never get this in an extravaganza"
2 Extravaganza progs
2 Joanna Sheen hours
1 Dufex
1 Pinflair
1 Flowersoft
1 Iris folding
1 rubber stamps
1 definite decoupage & 1 probable decoupage

Do we bet that the 4 day deal is Michele Marsden or is it likely to be the new My Craft Studio that SW has been doing an email-shot about?

Dear Lord, I can hardly wait!!
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I assume they are trying to hook viewers so they forget about the TSV on QVC on Monday - or have spent up so they can't afford the TSV.

Obviously they don't know crafters - memories like elephants - and we can always afford a bit more!
I find most of their craft stuff very loud, over bright and, quite frankly, vulgar. Fortunately, my life (not to mention my craft room) is full enough for me not to need to watch.

An occasional dip in, shout at the tele, and leave will be sufficient for me. :p

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