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Oct 29, 2008
Is it just me or have some of the presenters started interrupting the guests far too much? I was watching one of the xmas shows earlier today and Alison Keenan would hardly let the guest get a word in edgeways. I totally understand that sometimes the presenters have to try and impart a lot of information, but the guest was doing just fine except that she was being constantly and unnecessarily interrupted. I gave up in the end and muted the telly.

I then watched the next hour and realised just how bad the previous one had been. Pippa was on during that hour and she let the guests say their piece and then just kept the information flowing, rather than trying to interrupt them.

Ali Keenan is always interrupting the guests,always has to give her point of view but Pipa really listens to what is being said and I think she is very entertaining to watch.
I think many of the presenters are on an ego trip and are under the impression that it is them we want to see and hear! Wrong! I watch to find out about the products, and who better than the person employed by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, some presenters learn the words and repeat them forever after parrot fashion. A scintillating (not!) example of this was Charlie Brookes presenting Dennis Basso. What a charade, he gabbled away total nonsense and I think even Dennis was lost for words. Charlie did the last hour on his own as Basso had to get a plane to Germany. A perfect lesson in what not to do. He even crumpled up the coats so you could not see what they were like, and was slow showing the different colours.

Whoever dreamt up this combination should be sacked.

Claudia was great, she pranced about and showed off, but at least you could see the coats on a pretty girl.
Keenan has always rudely talked over the guests and tried to make them the Alison Keenan shows :rolleyes: must be quite a come down for her from presenting This Morning to sales lady. :rolleyes: Can't stand her school marm style of speaking either, she lectures rather than explains....oh I just can't watch her without wanting to lob something at the screen. :HUMP: :pPC:
i watched the tsv launch last night with miss creepy hands (jill franks) wax the same talking over adrienne constantly they all do it to a certain extent but the worst on any channel is joanne on ideal world she could talk for south africa
What about I've swallowed a dictionary motormouth Griffiths!
Mr creepycrawlysmarmy Charmy Brook :18:
i loved miss creepy hands last night with adrienne.
adrienne; it has a 120 minutes timer
creepy hands jill franks ; thats almost a 2 hour timer REALLY
ail keen was waxing lyrical over some make up this morning whilst putting up the scaffolding for my own..........she was showing very badly how a concealer was covering up her 'brown mark' on the back of her hand [ supposed to be a birthmark or something & NOT AN AGE SPOT LIKE I HAVE ]..anyway i was answering her & saying yeah yeah & right yes looks worse than before etc builder had to come & ask me to shut up as i was having him in stiches & he couldnt work & said he guessed i wasnt buying any right yet another ail keenan muted......
It's funny reading this. I've noticed all these things in the past and just assumed it was only me! They all shout too - I've almost worn out the volume button on my remote! Jill Franks' new word of the month is "too".

Interruptions and ads mean that there's barely a show to see anymore. When they have a product on and they say it's about to sell out and might not be able to air it, why don't they just show it right away? And also carry on the demo even once it sells out - there's no point in buying a product if you're not sure you'll be using it in the right way. I've cancelled orders in the past because they didn't demo them properly and I'm sure I can't be the only one who has.
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I wish they would shut up half the time and let the guest explain as much as possible about the product. Most of what they sell is 'luxury' without the luxury of being able to stand in a shop and read ingredients, or instructions for use before you buy. OK - there is the money back guarantee, but you waste quite a lot on p and p if you get something home to realise it contains something you can't use, or doesn't do what you thought it would.
.......And also carry on the demo even once it sells out - there's no point in buying a product if you're not sure you'll be using it in the right way. I've cancelled orders in the past because they didn't demo them properly and I'm sure I can't be the only one who has.

I'm afraid they can't show/demo items once they are sold out. Something about the law stating you can't "advertise" items without stock of the item I think.

If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will beable to state the full reason, but I do know that this has been mentioned before on here about it.
Ali Young was in fine form today in her 4pm beauty show. They had the premiere of the Psy Derm range by Linda Papadopolous (?) one of the psychologists seen on This Morning.

AY just kept harping on about Linda's research, credentials etc etc, NOT WHAT THE ITEM CONSISTED OF!!!!! there were 2 products in the 'Enlightenment' set, but I only found out that one was a moisturiser and the other bottle was a mystery!

I want to know WHAT I am buying please - it is so frustrating when a presenter talks all around the product instead of telling you what it is-QVC please take note. :11:
Also wish she'd learn just a teensy bit about using the English language correctly. I switched on very briefly last night just as she was saying: "If you feel your nails aren't confident..."

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