Am Confused - Last Clicks now back at Normal Price


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Sep 22, 2008
I am confused now - last week I got x2 items from Casual & Co for £10 each off of the Last Clicks page. They arrived OK and a friend liked them & had a look to see if she could order as well. When the item came up, it was back to it's usual price of £20.75 + p&p. Is this usual can anyone tell me please??
Thank you
I have had this happen before - I ordered something on Last Clicks. When it came I loved it so went to order another in a different colour. It had gone back up to full price so I didn't order it.
Yes I have seen this happen before too. I bought a ring long ago and liked it, so decided to get the other gemstone version and it was back up to normal price. Sometimes I think when they are going to have sale they put the items back up and say this cost so much last week or month.
Me too. I bought a top for £10 on Last Clicks (which hasn't arrived yet, but actually looked quite nice, which will be a first for QVC fashion!) and when I went back to look at it today it was back up to £22. Yet they still had the very small selection of sizes and only one colour choice, so it's not as if they had a new batch in. Odd.
Yes I have seen this before as well. Keep checking as they will go back to last click prices after a few weeks - don't know why they do this!
The wellies I ordered last week are back up to £19 from £10 and the same sizes are available.

Edited to add I've just submitted this review;

The wellies were a good buy at the Last Clicks price of £10 on the 2nd October but I would not pay the £19 that they are now selling at on the 14th October.

Doubt it will be published!
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I wonder if they were doing some changes to the site. I bought something recently for £10 in last clicks, checked earlier today and the price had gone up to £18 - now its back down to £10.

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