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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Is it possible please to have pictures of items on the CR website please?? I went looking today at a Paraiba Tourmaline ring..No pic, just the details. I went into live help and asked about the pic, and it was suggested to request the item if i wanted a look...how difficult is it to pre bid when you can't see the item?? Luckily my pre bid paid off this time:whew2: but please Rocks, can we see pics and details too please?? :happy:

Thanks! :flower:
I agree Tabs ... it's so frustratig isn't it?

Think it might be better not to put items on CR untl a pic is available.
Good idea Fluff, and yes very frustrating. You also have to hope no one else snaggles your request while your trying to have a good look too! Hopefully our plea will be noted :)
Hi everyone,

Sorry about the missing pictures. We run a report every morning to see if any items don't have pictures but somehow some are getting missed off. Can you do me a favour, please, and email Tony ([email protected]) if you come across any? This will help us work out how they are getting missed.

Kind regards


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