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Jun 25, 2008
I don't know if this has already been posted but I just noticed a " 50% off gemset gold" section in last clicks. Sorry if this is old news!:1:
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Thanks Sazza! Its OK Loopyloo I didn't spot my mistake . I'm a bit rubbish at typing!
i noticed that last night too flossy. but (isnt there always a but? lol) i also noticed that a pair of earrings that i bought ages ago are now in the last clicks at the 50% off but the orig. price is slightly higher than i actually paid. only 3 quid and maybe just done to make the new price an even number but it does make me then wonder at some of the other prices
I think you're right borednow. They have just moved the gemset gold section away from the rest of the jewellery. I am so easily conned! I think I remember them doing this once before but at that time they also offered free p+p.

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