5 piece shapewear


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The high waisted pants are fantastic, they really work to give a nipped in waist and compress any wobbly bits both above and below the waist. They do, however, require the skills of a gymnast to get them on and off. God help you if you need the loo quickly. I found that the ribbing around the legs was too tight with fitted trousers. I could see the marks but this is not a problem with a skirt.

The rest of the pack is a waste of time. The other items are nothing like the same construction. They are made of much flimsier fabric. If you are over a D cup then there isn't a cat's chance of getting your bangers in the camisole or the two 'bodies' so they went straight in the bin.

The low waste pants made me feel like I was a passenger on the Antonia Graza.

I got the ivory colour as I'm very pale but they looked like white that had gone a bit 'off' in the wash so I'd buy (as opposed to 'go for') the beige colour next time.

Just get the high waisted, they are fantastic. And, do get your correct size otherwise you could give yourself serious extraction problems.

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