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Jun 24, 2008
I bought the 100 bulbs for £9.99 and as yet we have only about 5 that are showing any growth, did anyone else buy these and what are yours like?

That's 5 more than we've got at the moment!! Very disappointed in the plants this year, I ordered the 5 clematis and so far only 1 is growing. I've given then a few weeks, so I think i'll ring CS up and have a word about them!


You have my sympathy. I am also fed up spending hours planting bulbs that never come up - not just QVC ones either. I think you will find it's the squirrels digging them up and doing whatever they do with them.
oh my goodness, I'm sorry to hear that .. mine are growing in abundance and I'm very excited with them.

I have 86 bulbs growing at moment some very fast and some just peeping up in the soil, more seem to be visible everyday. I have them in a sunny place and giving them lots & lots of water.

I hope yours appear soon

ps. yes, normally Squirrels or magpies get my bulbs too, but I have planted these in a different place to normal.. err hope theyre not reading this :27: lol
Hi I spent ages potting mine up with decorative horti gravel on top and netting them.
So far the Gladioli are about afoot tall no flowers yet the Iris the same The Acidanthera and the st caen anemonies? are just showing through. no sign of the freesias yet or the other anemonies. I put mine in pots so that I can have them near the house and the squirrels don't usually come there, also I forget where I've planted them if I put them in the garden borders and pull them up thinking they are weeds! it's an age thing!
I got the bulbs as well, unfortunately I was making a new bed and left it far too long before I planted them. Having said that several sorts are starting to come through now, the glads being the first.

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