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Feb 18, 2009
This is the first time I've actually sat down to watch an entire YBF hour - wow, quite a difference between these prices and those of Models Prefer. I am still using the old dial foundation (although I rarely wear it which is why it's lasted) which cost less than £20. Now I see a tiny tube of normal foundation for more than that. Jeepers!! Unless something is on easy-pay, don't think I would be willing to pay this much.
i was wondering if the foundation is any good, i am using smashbox hallo at the moment which i love but i want something to give more cover, does this do the job
To be fair,I think even the old Models prefer would have been more expensive now in the current economic climate.We have benefited for so many years from the strong pound/weak dollar the next few years are going to be a shock-I don't buy much makeup at all but most craft stuff I buy is American and the prices are increasing all the time.
I have used the old Models Prefer foundation and really liked it. You could build up the coverage which was good for me as I sometimes get redness on my cheeks. I have ordered the new YBF one as an early easter prezzie from my other half. I agree its a bit pricey but I did like the other one and it really suited my skin which is quite sensitive.
Yes, I think you are right there SuziQ - there has definately been an increase in imported US goods. There's been an increase in pretty much everything.

Still far too expensive for me to buy it - I would rather splash out on a brand where the packaging isn't going to fall apart.

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