Yankee Candles - TSV - 24/10/08


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Jun 24, 2008
Just had a look on the TV Guide and it looks like there is a Yankee Candles TSV on Friday 24th October.
Just how many candles does a house need for goodness sake, especially when they make the point of telling us that this brand burn for hours, and hours, and hours.....
Would love with Christmas cookie as the main feature, that and Hollyberry are my Christmas faves.
me too fallen angel hopefully it will be a selection of christmas candles, hope its some of the new fragrances too:ANYWORD:
Just noticed that this was next Friday and wondered if anyone know what the TSV was going to be yet.


T x
I hope they bring the blueberry scone on someday,as anybody else tried it??? It is absolutly devine

Yes I am burning this one at the mo. On Sunday I was upstairs cleaning and thought I could smell MrM baking cookies. When I went downstairs I realised it was this fragrance.

littlepen - Jack Frost is one of my absolute faves.

I'm going to be away in the US when this TSV is aired however am looking forward to visiting the YC store over there.
i think a possible tsv is

Yankee Candle Christmas Trees Collection

have emailed them to see what is in this set

they have said the following

1Cream toned ceramic accessories hand painted with Whimsical Christmas trees in varying designs and festive tones of red & green.Includes:
1 X Small Shade with red rim. (approx: 7.3cm in height X 10cm in Diameter)
1 X Small Circular Tray with red rim (approx 12.4cm in diameter)
1 X TartBurner(approx: 13cm in Height X 11cm in Diameter)
2 X Mug Shaped Sampler Holders Each holder depicts a single Christmas tree in a varying design.In addition one incorporates a cream handle with red dots while the other in corporates a red handle with green spots. (approx: 7cm in Height X 6.5cm in Diameter).

1 X Small 3.7oz (104g) Red Berry & Cedar Jar Candle
2 X 1.75oz (49g) Red Berry & Cedar Sampler Candles
2 X 8oz (22g) Red Berry & Cedar Tarts
1 X Unscented T-Light

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