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Jun 24, 2008
I need to restock my Yankee Candles and would like to try some new fragrances. I would welcome your comments on the following:

Baby Powder

Jack Frost

Midnight Jasmine

Also do you find that the small jars are not so fragrant?

I've never tried the midnight Jasmine but Baby Powder is exactly what it says on the tin! Smells all baby and snuggly. I thought Jack Frost was quite disappointing - think it's meant to be fresh and minty but I couldn't smell anything at all.

Yes, I find the small jars to be a bit lacking in scent too. I always find the tarts are the best - the fragrance seems stronger....
Midnight Jasmine is my absolute favourite! I find it a nice floral, 'pretty' smell but not to flowery IYSWIM!! It's not too over powering, quite relaxing and leaves a lovely fresh floral air.

I've not tried the small jars but find the tarts and the large double wick candles fab!

Em xX
I've not tried those particular scents but I find the small jars release less scent than either the tarts or the large housewarmers.

I buy the large jars myself as I can't be faffed with fiddling with tarts all the time and I like the ambience of the flame in the jar. Is there a local garden centre to you that stocks Yankee at all? Then you could go and sniff all the jar candles until one strikes your fancy... not that I know anybody who does that of course! :54::33:
hi1 here goes. baby powder reminds me of dirty nappies i cannot abide by the smell.
jack frost i liked smelt of pine and peppermint strange,bracing and unusually nice. my kids hated it) never smelt midnight jasmine but i would like to suggest the following:
water garden,sun and sand,tahitian tiare flower, rose of morrocco(i prefer this to fresh cut roses as it gives me a headache)and my all time fav is lemon lavender. if you love l'occitane lavender you will i think like this. i never ever buy the samplers or small jars. i think they dont smell as much. if on a budget i agree the tarts are fantastic. good luck on your quest.
For me Midnight Jasmine is a bit too much. It's lovely, but quite heady.
Baby Powder, would agree with everyone else and say that it is exactly what you would expect - very comforting too.
Jack Frost - again I would agree that this is a more gentle fragrance but still one of my faves. It is a soft, fresh, creamy slightly minty one.
If I might ask, what sort of fragrance are you looking for? There are a lot of Yankee-philes on here, and I am sure we would all be happy to recommend!
Thanks for all your suggestions. Now I want to add Lemon Lavender to the list too! I am a bit confused with the baby powder - lovely or nappy like?????

Fraggle - I find that having just a sniff doesn't always work, they often smell different when lit and I have made a couple of expensive mistakes. I think I will go for the large jars because you are right about the impact they have on a room when lit.

Nicky-j - I wish I knew what I was looking for! Something evident, fragrant but not overpowering I think. Thanks for your description of Jack Frost, it sounds nice.
Hi Mia

I love baby powder - just as the name suggests (not nappy like!)
Jasmine again not over powering - lovely delicate fragrance
Jack frost - not my favourite - very delicate fragrance
Lemon Lavender - My all time favourite but a strong fragrance.

I also go for large jars so cannot comment on the small ones!
Happy Shopping
Another vote for Lemon Lavender, simple adore it.

Love Baby Powder too, as for the Jasmine - I prefer Darls' Night Blooming Jasmine tarts.

With Yankee I also only go for large jars or tarts.
Another favourite of mine is Fresh Cut Roses, smells like the real 'thing'.

Jack Frost I thought was OK, but wouldn't buy it again.

Enjoy your research! :thumbsup:
It's all about the size of the melted wax pool. Therefore a large jar or a tart will create a larger wax pool giving more scent throw than a small jar or a tealight would.

I find the tarts give the strongest fragrance initially but a less lasting scent than the large jars, which take a while to get going, but tend to stay scented for longer.

My new favourite Yankee is Vanilla Cupcake, which really is a lovely very foody vanilla, really cakey and sweeter than the French Vanilla.
i buy all my candles from cheap smells. they always have 25% of fragance of the month and at the moment they will give you a free candle if you buy 3 of the same size in one order.i recently bought vanilla cupcake(awesome and scrummy) lemon lavender,spring bouquet(devine) and they gave me water garden a beautifull soft but strong smelling floral for free.
here is the rub: these 4 large jarcandles cost me £44.00
delivery was free of charge
delivery was next day by a hunky upps courier. no waiting 7-10 long ardous working days. i love qvc but i dont think they let you pick what you want and lets be honest the delivery times really suck and is sooooo expensive.
Have you looked at other places? Like here for instance ;).

Thanks for this. I have checked QVC out and they have the ones I am interested in except for Jack Frost which I am now undecided about - I want to like it because it sounds so seasonal.

I like so many that this is beginning to look expensive!
just a heads up on the 2008 christmas candles..
The silver bells and the red berry and cedar are both rubbish,very little fragrance with either.:17::17:

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