X Hits the spot!!!!


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Aug 20, 2008
I thought I would put a bit of humour into X hits the spot!!!! lol..:54:

But on a more serious level guys X really does hit the spot...
as I did last night x3...we have put up with enough of these so called bullies..

I say no-more of it...:58: X hits the spot everytime!!!! :rolleyes:

"Well done Tony for acting so swiftly last night"!!!!. :35:

Look forward to another hilarious night tonight...see you there!!!

Best Wishes to all,

I know, its sad!! Obviously comes here reading hoping we talk about him.

Not gonna waste anymore time on people who like to stir things up for attention.
He's on the Rocks chat room now saying "just for the record X did nothing to me"

Well, X just might hit the spot next time! It's all a bit pathetic really when you consider the work both Steve and Graham have done to keep the infantile behaviour to a minimum. However well 'policed' these sites are (and these two are well policed) there is always at least one who comes along and attempts to spoil the fun for the 99% who are prepared to keep the rules. In many ways this reflects 'real-life' as every office, shop, factory, etc has its trouble makers. They're just harder to spot online!
i also hit the x last night poor tony must of been hit with a lot of x's at once lol
but reacted quite fast well done Tony
Very disappointing to hear ST and it's founder under attack this evening, so I'm afraid it was X marks the spot for me. Whatever has resulted in Jason being removed, it didn't warrant the comments made on Rocks Chat.

Yes, the screen is freezing, off and on and I don't have the sound on. Missed all the carry on, or whatever, as I was doing dinner.
I couldnt sign in at all tonight, managed to sign into the live help but not much joy there either.

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