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Apr 27, 2009
Once upon a time, I used to be one of Dreamkeepers biggest fans, but now that the range has diversified into more and more expensive wraps, shawls and throws, Kaena should rethink the name of the company ! Perhaps Wrapitup might be a good one.

I have beautiful jackets from when the range first started, but am I the only one who thinks the few jacket styles available are very very expensive and are same old same old ?

Those who say that the shawls and wraps sell well, check out E bay, they are appearing on there by the dozen !!!!!! and cheaper.
Must admit I do like dreamkeeper but cant afford it but lately is it me or most of the jackets seem like two large scarves or pashminas the type of which you could buy on the street decorate with a few sequins and beads sew together leaving a hole not so convinced lately. Have a closer look and see what you think.
Would be easy to make your own as they are so unstructured.
Maybe im just cynical.
I like some of the dreamkeeper stuff but im not that fussed on the shawls and wraps - mainly the chiffin/silk jackets but i feel the prices are ridiculous! Way too expensive for what they are.
I find myself thinking that with the right fabric, ie weight, pattern and colour that I could come up with a fairly similar garment to many shown. I can and do sew so I don't think it would be difficult. Now if I could keep the kids under control for long enough I might have a go.
The fabric looks cheap and nasty to me. They say its "real" devore velvet but whats the betting that its actually nylon - the burnt-out parts look suspiciously shiny. How long would you wear it until its sticking to you like clingfilm and sparking in the dark ?

You're right about making your own wrap - a stall in my local market sells pretty fabric for £4 a metre and sequins by the yard. :33:

I've always liked the Dreamkeeper style, and would probably give most of the stuff houseroom, but it's always been ridiculously highly priced, and I totally agree that they seem to be heading towards being a range of scarves rather than a range of clothes.
I would be very surprised if I couldn't get very similar scarves for a fraction of the cost on eBay.
I checked out EBay, thanks Pearly Queen you are right quite a lot of Dreamkeeper on there at much lower prices than QVC. A few sellers only put UK as their location but surprise, surprise the rest are near the outlet shops in Shrewsbury and Birchwood. If you check the other items for sale they have loads of QVC brands.

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