WOW, how gorgeous are these?


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Haven't bought anything from Gems for ages, but on Friday, saw the lovely black/white 3 strand pearl necklace. My Mum's been after a 3 strand necklace for ages, so when these came up, I grabbed it quickly.

What a fantastic bargain, (even more so with the £5 ST voucher), my Mum will be thrilled. Just a little thank you to her for taking such good care of Hairy Harry when we're away.

Wish I grabbed some for myself now!



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hem hem, you seem to be wearing clothes M4G, or are you butt naked from the waist down?????:54:

Serious now, that knecklace it soooooo nice and it goes beautifully with that top.:1:

I am sure your mum will love it too, it is a nice one.
Lovely Mad4Gems .... you definitely should've snatched one for you too!
Very striking, M4G - very sophisticated. I love them and think they'll make a wonderful present :1:
WoW love the necklace , lovely gift. I have a birthday money off voucher and have beeb lurking to see and i SO missed that ,lucky lady:1: minxface!!! :YIKES: I love that necklace so much I've shoved one in my basket and I haven't been tempted to order from GEMS for bluddy ages!! :HUMP: I need a code now..........:RUNAWAY: :pPC:
Well done M4g, a gorgeous necklace and I bet your Mum will love it. Nearly gorgeous enough to tempt me back to Gems, but after the £1 sale debacle and the way Gems have treated some of our forum members, I won't be buying for a while. I feel that a company that can treat its cutsomers so disgracefully does not deserve my custom.
:1: M4G What a loveley necklace....and a very striking colour combo, such an unusual way to string them too.....I do love black/white!!! :1:

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