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..for just £99 per year you can be entered by IW into 125 competitons per year...what is going on here:11: - it'll be a gambling channel next...

Isn't already a gamble wether you get your orders and how long they take to arrive?
I occassionally flick onto IW for a laugh and saw the advert for this. If this is part of IW's new look I'm not impressed. It screams tackiness.
BEWARE is all I can say.

it seems they find competitions to enter and then automate your entry using scripts which the sites hosting competitions are becoming wise to - and BANNING.

So you could end up paying out and winning nothing.

See this link:

And at the bottom of that article is a link to another interesting article on them!

Smacks of Travel Steps - but this website was registered in Germany however the company is registered at Companies House as being in London.

I'd be very interested to find out who the directors of this outfit are.
Someone is very desperate to make money, that's for sure.
Are they taking the piss? .....

Wendy Wynner - Head of competition search

Winning Wendy and her team tirelessly trawl magazines, newspapers and web sites to find the most exciting and valuable competitions for Win24 members. She also writes our monthly on-line Newsletter.

Winning Wendy! get a grip :30:

As for Tom Todd - well he will be on his todd 'cause I'm not joining him :54:
Seems win24 must be giving you a fake email addy and using their scripts to submit the entries.

The idea of competition sites is to promote a product for those that agree to get involved and the bonus is winning a competition if you're successful.

Win24 are bypassing all that by running these computer scripts to enter people remotely - so there is no promotion of the product for the people hosting the competitions at all.

It's a bit like the postman nicking all the Tescos mail and giving out to all his friends so they get the money off vouchers instead of the people who've actually shopped at Tescos and paid the bill!
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