Wild Organics Special Price (DONT RUSH!!)


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Sep 29, 2008
Just looking at the last 24 viewing on QVC website and noticed this beauty!!

Wild Organics 3 piece Exhilirating Fresh Lime Collection
(item no 227905)
QVC price £33.25Special Price £33.26 - NOW HOW SPECIAL WOULD THAT MAKE YOU FEEL!!

I saw the laucnh of this along with some others who posted at the time - any feedback on the products??
I noticed this! The "special price" was so they could divide it into 2 easypays!
Tried the stuff, didn't like the smells so sent it back. Also thought it was a bit pricey.
Not very special, in my opinion

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But Anthea Turner lurves these products - we know this because she wrote to AY and she lives not far from AY.......
I got the 'try me' small sizes of this and was distinctly underwhelmed with the fragrances.

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