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Nov 13, 2008
So I happened to go and buy some easiyo sachets today and just by chance noticed that a skirt I'd returned way back on 2nd September was NOT showing as 'Returned'.

Lucky then that I kept the receipt! Went to Royal Mail website and put in the tracking code and it showed as 'Delivered' - a look at the signed receipt again showed a QVC stamp on the return.

I called up CS and told them all this - they were apologetic, etc - but I STILL have to photocopy the receipt, wait until I get a Claim form from them, sign to say I have returned it and then send that all off with the receipt...why?

It's not that either of us have ANY claim with Royal Mail: it shows as signed for by QVC...so they received it. Ergo, someone's got light fingers at QVC or it's been lost in the warehouse.

So why can't I just have a refund? She wasn't even interested in taking the tracking id from me...I did get her to take it after insisting, but WHY couldn't they have just looked at the signed receipt at Royal Mail's website and refunded me?:thinking2:

I agree. If they are supposed to be "setting the standard for customer service" why can't they access the Royal Mail website and send your refund based on that instead of all that faffing. Especially if we are to have more postal strikes it could take forever to sort out.
It you have the facility, perhaps you could scan and email all your documentation? Get a direct email for a customer service rep and hopefully avoid the postal strikes??
I rang CS to say that some craft papers hadn't arrived - they said that on their system the person due to collect parcel for delivery had trouble collecting it. I can't understand why I was not informed of this and now I have to fill in a form to say that I haven't recieved it :)angry:eek:bviously), then put a stamp on to send it back (so I have to pay postage to claim when they have it on record that they were at fault) and continue to wait for refund. As they know there was a problem why can't it just be sorted out staight away. Also I asked it there were any more in stock but no it had sold out and as it was clearance there won't be any more.
dont stand for it, ring them back ,ask for a supervisor and tell them its not your problem, it is theirs and you are not satisfied.You have done your bit,they owe you the money now

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